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  1. weldone

    World Cupe Medals Tally

    http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/world-cup-2015/65314-word-cup-medals-tally.html 1. Australia (5G 2S 0B) 2. India (2G 1S 3B) 3. West Indies (2G 1S 1B) 4. Sri Lanka (1G 2S 1B) 5. Pakistan (1G 1S 4B) 6. England (0G 3S 2B) 7. New Zealand (0G 1S 6B) 8. South Africa (0G 0S 4B) 9. Kenya (0G...
  2. weldone

    Date-Specific ODI Draft

    With each player pick you need to also pick a specific date, when you think the player was at his very peak. There will be no voting. The team strength will be decided based on my ranking system. http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/cricket-chat/77265-weldone-s-odi-rankings.html As you can see the...
  3. weldone

    Weldone's ODI Rankings

    As some of you know, I presented a paper in MathSports International 2017. The idea was well-received by the Mathematics community in general. Since then, I have developed the idea further to come up with full-blown ODI rankings. Below are some of the key aspects of the ranking: 1. Value Added...
  4. weldone

    Anil Kumble steps down from the post of Head Coach

    Attached resignation letter that he shared on FB Officially speaking, he didn't really 'step down' - he just withdrew his application for renewal of contract.
  5. weldone

    MathSport International 2017

    I am going to present a paper co-authored with two of my (ex-)Professors in MathSport International 2017. The paper is titled 'Value Added As A Measure For Analyzing Batting Performance In Odi Cricket'. In short, we are applying the concept of EVA (Economic Value Added) to rate ODI batsmen. As...
  6. weldone

    McCullum's Cowrey Lecture

    Brendon McCullum's MCC Spirit of Cricket lecture: full transcript | Cricket | ESPN Cricinfo :wub: Edit: Someone please correct the spelling in thread title
  7. weldone

    Batsmen versus Tail-enders stats

    T20Is started on 17-Feb-2005. I was studying how batsmen (top 6) and tail-enders (8-11) perform in various formats on average since that day. I excluded number 7s from this analysis to avoid complexities. I wanted to see strike rates and balls per dismissal for them (they are two components of...
  8. weldone


    Just noticed this website - they provide ball-by-ball data for test, ODI, T20I and IPL. It maybe useful for people working on granular level research (e.g. for betting, like me) / some kind of ranking Cricsheet
  9. weldone

    ***Official*** Ireland and Afghanistan in Zimbabwe 2015/16

    Anyone following the first ODI? It's been a good contest so far, as expected. Zimbabwe need 54 in 12 overs with 4 wickets in hand.
  10. weldone

    The Long Interviews with Ashwin

    I really enjoy reading them; do you? Some samples: R Ashwin: 'If someone gets a 15-degree advantage, why should I lag behind?' | Cricket | ESPN Cricinfo R Ashwin: 'It's not about patience, but the skill and knowledge you acquire over time' | Cricket | ESPN Cricinfo
  11. weldone

    *Unofficial* India in Zimbabwe 2015

    Seniors have been rested. Rahane will lead the team. India will play 3 ODIs and 2 T20 Internationals starting from July 10. There will be no Team Director for this tour (i.e. no Ravi Shastri). Rahane (C), Vijay, Rayudu, Manoj, Kedar, Uthappa, Manish, Harbhajan, Axar, Karn, Dhawal, Binny, Bhuvi...
  12. weldone

    India's Senior Team Coach

    I'm following the developments around this topic very closely since the last few months. The twists and turns are interesting. Officially, the developments are as below: 1. Following the failures of Fletcher during the last few tours outside the sub-continent, Shastri was appointed as Team...
  13. weldone

    Word Cup Medals Tally

    Let's imagine a World Cup Medals Tally, Olympic style - Gold for win, Silver for runner-up and Bronze for each semifinalist. Here is the tally so far: 1. Australia (4G 2S 0B) 2. India (2G 1S 2B) 3. West Indies (2G 1S 1B) 4. Sri Lanka (1G 2S 1B) 5. Pakistan (1G 1S...
  14. weldone

    Cricket Betting in the UK

    I've never been involved in sports betting, because it's an illegal activity in India. However, now that I'm in the UK, I plan to take part in cricket betting. As a newbie, I have the below 2 questions. 1. Is any profit from cricket betting taxable according to the current tax laws? 2. What...
  15. weldone

    ODI Auction Draft

    1. I am looking for 10 drafters, who will select among 120 available ODI players decided by me. Idea is to end up with best playing XI. Method is open auction in the thread - bidding and out-bidding will occur in the thread. A drafter can outbid for the same player as many times as he wants...
  16. weldone

    High Correlation between India's Performance and Team Managers - Coincidental?

    It's weird because I don't believe Managers should have too big influence in the International cricket arena logically. But it's very shocking to see the correlation our results have to the managers of our National team in the recent past. And I am not talking about Test Cricket alone, it's very...
  17. weldone

    Auction Draft Simple Format - Voting Thread

    Vote for the best 2 teams. kingkallis XI: Frank Worrell Brian Lara Donald Bradman* Greg Chappell Mohammad Yousuf Steve Waugh Ian Healy+ Wasim Akram Curtly Ambrose Jim Laker Brian Statham Eds XI: Bruce Mitchell Rahul Dravid Wally Hammond* Sachin Tendulkar Graeme Pollock Clyde Walcott Kumar...
  18. weldone

    Some Nice Insights from Graham McKenzie

    1. Their training and practice was to bowl and bowl and bowl. 2. He was fond of Lindwall. 3. He thinks it's extremely tough for a fast bowler if he doesn't have able support. 4. The game was much more friendly those days. Sledging wasn't that common. 5. Quite in line with CW's belief, he makes a...
  19. weldone

    Auction Draft - Simple Format

    I'm looking for 10 participants for this one. USD 15,000,000 per drafter is the budget. I am going to conduct open bidding for 120 players - one-by-one. No secret ballots, no emails - just outbid each other in the open. There's 12 hours minimum timeline per player. You can post your bid, revise...
  20. weldone

    Average players suddenly becoming very good

    First let me tell you that this thread is NOT about players who you thought had potential from the beginning but wasn't delivering as much as they should, then suddenly one day started producing gems. NO. This thread is about players whose starts gave you the impression that they are average...