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  1. Smudge

    Chatfield falls agonisingly short of ton in final match

    What an unassuming bloke who was an absolute cult hero in NZ in the 1980s: https://www.stuff.co.nz/good-reads/110138719/the-naenae-express-ewen-chatfield-retires-from-club-cricket-at-68 [/FONT][/COLOR]
  2. Smudge

    Best bot thread starter

    Take your pick.
  3. Smudge

    Muppet-esque dismissals

    Happened upon highlights of the NZ v Aus women's T20 international from yesterday. This run-out of Leigh Kasperek has to be up there as one of the most amateur ways to get oneself out at international level: https://youtu.be/BR2O7l24iyM?t=21m39s That link will take you straight to the replay...
  4. Smudge

    New Zealand squad

    Team named today: http://www.allblacks.com/news/17223/All-Blacks-squad-named-for-2011-Rugby-World-Cup Thoughts: Props: largely pick themselves. The Franks brothers were morals, and I'm guessing they believe they can get Woodcock up to speed more easily than trying to fix Crockett's technical...
  5. Smudge

    TV Coverage - ICC fail again

    Once again, the ICC have made a hash of (I assume) tendering out the broadcast contract. By the looks of it, it's the same OB/directing crews who did the last Twenty20 World Cup where I complained my **** off. What is their insistence on using the low-down long-off camera for the occasional live...
  6. Smudge

    John Wright new NZ Coach

    John Wright to coach Black Caps - cricket - sport | Stuff.co.nz
  7. Smudge

    Attn: all aspiring Aussie communications/journo types who love cricket

    This just appeared on my SEEK Jobmail email today: Me want cookies! Don't think it'd pay enough for me (and I wouldn't get the job anyway) but knock yourselves out.
  8. Smudge

    Twenty20 World Cup TV Coverage

    Does anyone know who the host broadcaster is? I haven't seen a full game yet, but I watched the highlights of the NZ v Sri Lanka game, and - well - the directing was nothing short of awful. I'm unsure if the director/vision mixer has ever worked on a cricket match before - the camera cuts were...
  9. Smudge

    No more no-balls for Heef?

    Heath Davis looks on the bright side | Stuff.co.nz
  10. Smudge

    Strangest Cricinfo profile pics

    Early frontrunner: I know he's a ladies' man, but c'mon...
  11. Smudge

    Cairns: "Hero? Me? Never"

    Interesting little spat developed in the NZ media over the last few days. Joseph Romanos - who I have some time for, due to his prolific book-writing came out with this: Now to describe Chris Martin and Richardson as 'heroes' is pushing it - folk heroes, maybe, but that is more an...
  12. Smudge

    Test bowling - Danny Morrison v Chris Martin

    And no, it's not a battle of their batting - Danny takes that hands down, which'll be the first time in his history that you could say that about Morrison's batting. During the test today, they flashed up NZ's top wicket-takers and I was struck by how similar Morrison and Martin's records were...
  13. Smudge

    Coupon code

    I'm not one to usually start these butt-kissing threads, and I don't really have a use for the service, but I must congratulate James and anyone else involved in the promotion for cut prices on TVN Sports. It's hard enough to get advertisers on a website (having worked for a website for six...
  14. Smudge

    Cunis clocks out

    Always seemed like an amiable chap in his commentary, and had some success with the NZ team at the tail-end of Hadlee's career. http://www.stuff.co.nz/4650094a1823.html
  15. Smudge

    Iraq thread

    Oh wait...
  16. Smudge

    See ya, Braces - it's been, errrrr, grand?

    I really would much prefer it if they started looking after the England tour, but they won't. John Wright, come on down. http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/4517966a1823.html
  17. Smudge

    Lehmann a retired man

    This story says it's expected, but the press conference has just been shown on The Cricket Show: http://www.foxsports.com.au/story/0,8659,22780259-23210,00.html
  18. Smudge

    Marshall spurns NZC contract

    I'm not quite sure what's going on here. So has he pretty much given up on New Zealand? Reckon New Zealand Cricket should ask him back for all the money they've invested in him... (just kidding, but it's pretty disappointing). From my email inbox:
  19. Smudge

    Rugby World Cup trivia

    I'll set the ball rolling. The person with the correct answer puts up the next question, unless they want to pass on that option. Who was the player from a Home Nations team who played in both the 1987 and 1999 Rugby World Cups (but not the ones inbetween)?
  20. Smudge

    2007 Super 14 thread

    Because I know how much you people love the various rugby threads, here's another... Bit of a blurb I wrote about the Highlanders for another site - feel free to add your own: