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  1. Loony BoB

    End-of-season Friendlies - Availability Thread

    See this thread for discussion on what kind of games there will be This thread is just to see who is actually wanting to get involved. For those not in the know: These games will not count towards List A / FC stats and are completely friendly games on par with what in the 'real world' would be...
  2. Loony BoB

    For reference to those who hate trying to figure out the o with the slash thing.

    'M o r k' without the spaces now automatically changes to 'Mørk'. So you don't need to go letter-hunting, typing 'Moerk' or, if you're like me, typing 'Vimes' all the time.
  3. Loony BoB

    Player's Association Representative (Start: Season XIII) - Final Voting

    There is now a new election going on for the Player's Association Representative. The person elected will: Be responsible for acting on behalf of the Player's Association, which consists of all players involved with the CW Dev League. Be part of the CW XI selection panel, alongside the CW XI...
  4. Loony BoB

    Shirt Numbers

    Not sure if this has been done before, probably has knowing my luck... but I'm trying to put together a list of all numbers and all the players that have used them. Right now, I've got... well, nothing really, just the numbers off the top of my head such as 7 for Fleming. So bring 'em on and...
  5. Loony BoB

    America's Cup 2007

    Anyone else following this? Think there's any chance of Alinghi being defeated?
  6. Loony BoB

    To avoid interrupting the other thread again - Hi, Richard

    Most notable of all, this entire article about Gavin Larsen, entitled "Dibbly-Dobbly-Wobbly" http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/ci/content/story/128342.html Dibbly-dobbly bowlers - Bowlers who are of medium pace, and are effective in the one-day scenario in choking the runs. New Zealand had a...
  7. Loony BoB

    Pop quiz v1.1

    As the poll reads. Against Blackman: Blackman has abused people on MSN over the past season and has also been known for his general bad behaviour around CWXI. Various members have highlighted this to myself. For Blackman: Blackman has declared that he will not continue such behaviour now, in...
  8. Loony BoB

    Survey - Player Abuse

    I have received an email from one of our players questioning the way people are being punished, particularly with regards to people who often trade banter between themselves and, when one decides to use an insult, a line is crossed. This player would like to suggest a change so that individuals...
  9. Loony BoB

    Strikethrough tags? :)

    Can we get a strikethrough tag set up? eg. [s] = <s> :)
  10. Loony BoB

    Internatioanl Tours during Season XI?

    What's on the cards for this season?
  11. Loony BoB

    To avoid going off-topic in another thread...

    It's worth noting that downloading is not illegal - downloading via P2P programs is. You can purchase downloads in a completely legal fashion, so surely talking about downloading is just as bad as talking about going to your local music store? EDIT: According to this article, 8% of internet...
  12. Loony BoB

    Season 10 End of Season Charity Matches

    CW Bar Season 10 End of Season Charity Matches CW Bar Season 10 Charity Matches The charity games for season 10 will begin, as always, with a charity series involving all those who have signed up. This time around, the squads will be captained by Fuller, Wilson, Bennett and Cunningham. A...
  13. Loony BoB

    Season 10 Charity Matches - Availability check

    Please let me know ASAP if you will be participating in the end-of-season charity matches. :) As always, there will be a Batting XI vs. Bowling XI FC & OD match between the best batsmen and bowlers of season 10. Along with that there will also be an OD series, with the sides involved largely...
  14. Loony BoB

    FICA vs. ICC

    Sorry, couldn't find a thread on it. I heard today during the SA/Aus test that this might be going as far as a player stirke - anyone know much about this, outside of the few articles on Cricinfo? I haven't seen "Strike" written anywhere there yet. Also, which five countries does FICA...
  15. Loony BoB

    NZ U-19's in CWLand

    After some in depth discussion between New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and Cricket Web Under-19 Board, both parties have decided to move the Under 19 Series between the two nations to CWLand. This has been done in an attempt to reduce the impact the series may have on the Development League Clubs of...
  16. Loony BoB

    CW Dev League Archive

    http://www.aiyon.com/cwxi/ Only season 10 (well, what of season 10 has been completed) so far, but I hope to get the rest of the seasons in there too.
  17. Loony BoB

    Outta curiosity

    Why are all the profile fields hidden?
  18. Loony BoB

    All these sticky threads.

    Any chance we can get a bunch of them unstuck? It's becoming more of a "push the other threads down to the bottom" than a "stick the main threads to the top" ordeal. :p
  19. Loony BoB

    Players of 2005.

    Continuing from last year, from what you've seen or kept up with, who would you place in the following? Best Player: Andrew Flintoff Best Batsman: Ricky Ponting Best Bowler: Shane Warne Best All-Rounder: Andrew Flintoff Best Keeper: Sangakarra, without a doubt. Best Fielder: Kevin Pietersen...
  20. Loony BoB

    CW Charity Series (End of Season 9)

    As always, if you would like to get involved, please post in this thread saying so. If captains can link to this thread asking for players to get involved, that would be great. :) Schedule will be announced when I have a better idea of the timescales and number of players I'm working with...