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Search results

  1. Xuhaib

    Separate LOI and test tours

    Who came up with this idea and what's the logic behind it, Am I the only one who find this recent thing annoying and unnecessary and isn't ICC as an organization should do its best to reduce global carbon footprint this practice is probably doing just the opposite.
  2. Xuhaib

    Should ODI cricket go?

    As a 90's kid I have a special attachment with odis. The ODI WC for me is still the pinnacle of the sport but the more I think about it the more it makes sense to me that this format is past its sell date now. The cricket calender with the introduction of T 20 and its subsequent franchise...
  3. Xuhaib

    Is this a reasonable equivalence?

    So a slow Wednesday afternoon at work got me in to some deep nerdy cricketing stats thoughts. I was wondering if we are to compare a performance of a batsman with a bowler what would be the ideal equivalence . So after much deliberation I came to this conclusion Pacer 20 wickets =1000 test...
  4. Xuhaib

    Speed Guns

    On a lazy Sunday a thought just crossed my mind. Shoaib and Lee were consistently threatening 100 mph and ever crossed on few occasions .for the past decade or so we rarely see anyone going above 95 mph with top pace demons rarely going past 90-93 mph in their fastest spells . So I am...
  5. Xuhaib

    Mohammad Irfans

    Going through some Pakistan domestic scores I see there are atleast 5 active Mohammad Irfans playing first class cricket today:laugh: This got me wondering what is the most common complete name for a first cricketer through the history is there anyway to check this?
  6. Xuhaib

    The curious case of Mohammad Abbas

    The likes of Anderson, Mcgrath and Philander have shown that pace is one of the least important attribute to be successful test bowler. However all these blokes have their strengths Mcgrath with his awkward bounce with nagging accuracy, Anderson with his late swing both ways while most of...
  7. Xuhaib

    Simplest method to make test cricket competitive

    Forget about gimmicks like toss removal or pitches standardisation just make it mandatory that all visiting teams play 3 full F.C. matches as warmup before the series starts and watch results improve to no end. Thoughts?
  8. Xuhaib

    Big Vern and Sir Jadeja

    One looks a run of the mill county trundler the other a Bangladesh dime a dozen SLA darter.Wise men say don't be fooled by appearances both these men posses ATG stats and do not look like they will slow down anytime soon and with the bat in their hand they are more then capable of holding...
  9. Xuhaib

    The tier below the fab 4

    We know who are the big 4 in international cricket but how would you rank the batsmen in the next tier below. I have excluded AB,Amla, Cook, Taylor as these guys were already established before 2010. So rank these batsmen in order Matthews,Chandmial, Dhawan, Vijay, Pujara, Rahnne, Azhar ,Asad...
  10. Xuhaib

    Yasir, Ashwin and Herath

    Are they really that good or they are just padding up their stats by playing in the weakest era of batting against spin. I for one can't stomach how Dilruwan Perrera can have a 10 fer vs the # 1 ranked team in the world while Jadeja can achieve a sub 25 bowling average. So is this a case...
  11. Xuhaib

    Pakistan-England test rivalary

    Really loved this series one of the best I have watched in the last few years this has to be one of the most exiting test rivalries over the years possibly on par with Aus-SA test rivalry.
  12. Xuhaib

    has Bangladesh replace Windies as a long term top 8

    with BD rapid rise and seeing the support of the game in that country I struggle to see them going back to their 2000-2014 days. So will see them overtaking Winides asa new top 8 or will West indies continue to produce enough quality to stay ahead of Bangladesh?
  13. Xuhaib

    Fall in Sky Ashes viewing figures

    Fall in Sky Ashes viewing figures leaves English cricket facing stark choices | Sean Ingle | Sport | The Guardian I usually don't bother too much with those "test cricket is dying" crowd however less half half a million viewership for an Ashes test is pitfully low surely cricket can't remain...
  14. Xuhaib

    Azhar Ali as Captain?

    Seems it is all but confirmed Azhar ill take over from Misbah as the ODI skipper and then at the end of the year if he handles the job well he takes over from Misbah as the test leader aswell. The general talk among Pakistan cricket circles is Azhar is almost a Misbah clone in not only his...
  15. Xuhaib

    Australia in odi's

    6 of 11 WC finals next best is Windies and India with 3. 4/5 World cup wins of 11 next best is again India and West indies with 2 each. Does the Australia world cup record flatters them or are they really twice as good as their next best rivals in OD cricket history.Australa's domination in odi...
  16. Xuhaib

    All time Non WC winners XI

    AB crying at the end of the game gave me this idea for a thread. Saeed Anwar Hashim Amla Brian Lara Martin Crowe ABD Sangakarra (WK) Shaun Pollock Lance Klusner Waqar Younis Alan Donald Saqlain Mushtaq If NZ fails in the final maybe Vettori gets in for Klusner.
  17. Xuhaib

    Would love a NZ or SA world cup win

    The moment I realized Pakistan is **** and will not go all the way I have been backing these two (NZ more ) and I hope it happens. I would prefer a new champion this time around we need to have more diverse winners. I know England has also not won a WC ever but the way they treat ODI cricket...
  18. Xuhaib

    Are good bowlers better rewarded in modern day cricket?

    Over the last decade we have gradually seen batsmen attacking game reaching heights never seen before however in the same time period what i have noticed is the gradual decline in the defensive game of modern day batsman. More gap between bat and pad, following the swing and nicking it to keeper...
  19. Xuhaib

    Commentators that have surprised you

    Shoab. Never expected him to be so good with his analysis almost comes across as a cricket nerd. His analytical depth is visibly seen when he is discussing about pace bowling infact his knowledge about fast bowling puts the two W's too shame who are both horrible commies.Also speak well on...
  20. Xuhaib

    Most lll treated players

    Fawad Alam has to take the cake. Scores 168 on test debut opening despite being a middle order batsman through his career finds himself out of the side 2 tests later never gets a chance again despite averaging 50+ for five seasons. Gets dropped from odi side despite averaging 37 fights his...