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Search results

  1. Riggins

    Next Australian Captain

    Who would you put your money on to take over from Tim Paine as the next skipper? On one hand it's likely that no matter how well he does on return Smith will never get the job again. On the other hand if not him then who tf gets it; Head, Handscombe, Marsh? jfc.
  2. Riggins

    Bankcard Names

    so this is possibly a personal question so if you don't want to answer feel free, the question is how your name would get formatted on a proper bank card remember format: [INITIAL-FIRST][INITIAL-MIDDLE(S)] [SURNAME] [CREDIT-CARD-NUMBER] [EXPIRY-DATE] [CARD-CHECK-NUMBER] ie for a player named...
  3. Riggins

    Ashes blog

    For a while now I've been meaning to try my hand at a bit of cricket writing. I've got a few ideas for topics that I think could be interesting. No idea if other people would, and I've got no writing background whatsoever so it's bound to be pretty ****, at least to start with. I'd originally...
  4. Riggins


    I just started a money collection, I was wondering if anyone could make any donations to me
  5. Riggins

    Non-striker backing up

    The way the non-striker can get a gigantic head start is too ****ed. It really annoyed me watching the byes just now and it really annoys me when the batting side gets an easy two down the ground because the non-striker is halfway down the pitch by the time the ball is struck. Easy solution...
  6. Riggins

    The Riggins Draft

    Here it is. The Riggins Draft. Take turns selecting players who I like. If I don't like them, they're cut. Sign up or else just start picking players and I'll let you know if they're cut.
  7. Riggins

    is paul harris the worst bowler to take 100+ wickets?

    self explan. was chatting with my brother. a more caring person might include lists and stats etc.
  8. Riggins

    South Africa Quota System

    Just saw this article - iafrica.com Mbalula ups Boks, Proteas quotas Is it actually happening/will it change anything?
  9. Riggins

    Select your new rig

    Which girl I should choose for my avatar? vs. It probably won't be one of these exactly, or even a gif, just deciding on the chiK.
  10. Riggins

    "first new post" function

    Any reason the "Go to first new post" button would work sometimes but not others (on macbook) It starts with the post id in the address bar then redirects to just the top of the page.
  11. Riggins

    Indian Equipment Websites

    I'm needing some new gloves and ****ed if I'm going to pay like $100 bucks a pair. Looking to find some cheap gear overseas and get it shipped here hopefully, any sites or online stores anyone's used/knows? Or maybe a gear manufacturer who could knock up a bulk order of a custom design and I...
  12. Riggins

    Watson's All-Time Great Ashes Contest

    How much greater could Watson get? Flat pitch. Check. Series over. Check. **** limited overs spinner to slog around. Check. If there's one thing that is more frustrating than Watto continuing to throw it away on 40 odd it's that he regularly shows, when it doesn't matter, that he actually does...
  13. Riggins

    Which ugly bald guy looks the most like uVelocity?

    Here are some pictures of uvelocity. Here are pictures which may or may not be uvelocity. i don't know.
  14. Riggins

    talk to me, baby.

    Noone seems to be around the maybe 4 threads i actually ever read/respond to. I'm ****ing tired and i'm trying to stay awake, if anyone wants to come chat about anything, then let's talk why not. I assume i'll just have a conversation with myself.
  15. Riggins

    The Pullout Safa

    We've all been there before... pulling teams out of the IPL that is. edit: the title was meant to be Saga. my bad bb.
  16. Riggins

    Watson's Watch

    A thread dedicated to archiving the time as relayed to Shane Watson by his timepiece. Probably only the correct time when it suits.
  17. Riggins

    Crown Sports Bats

    I broke my bat on the weekend, looking into maybe getting a Crown Sports one, anyone have any knowledge on them?