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Search results

  1. R_Powell_fan

    U-19 Youth Asia Cup (World U-19 Cup qualifiers)

    Cricinfo page dedicated to the Youth Asia Cup: Youth Asia Cup ( U-19 World Cup qualifiers) The guys did well today, Adnan Ilyas lives up to his promise. I was just on the phone to coach Mohammed Asim, the team are ecstatic !!! So I thought I'd log on and post.... I wish I were there with the...
  2. R_Powell_fan

    Wasim and Waqar- A peom

    A Peom on Wasim's and Waqar's exploits of reverse swing :- Would you believe this incredible pair, a captain's dream, batsmen's nightmare, swing and pace, that incredible mix, in and out, and the one that kicks, meet the kings - they have it all. Alas and despair, the Thomas's doubt, noises...
  3. R_Powell_fan

    *Official* Sri Lanka in West Indies

    Sri Lanka v West Indies in West Indies WI lose the first match by virtue of brilliant bowling by Vaas and Nissanka. Dillon bowled well also. Lara last man standing......again, great innings considering the circumstances.
  4. R_Powell_fan

    A chance

    Yesterday, I got the chance to practice with 12 other guys in the academy who were competing for selection for the Asian ODI U-19 Cup come July, I am actually in with a chance but only if I improve and am very excited about this...
  5. R_Powell_fan

    Lara breaks spectators foot

    Check this out : Lara breaks spectator's foot
  6. R_Powell_fan

    Great News from Oman !!!!!

    Yaaaayyyyy, I've just got off the phone with my coach and he informed me that we are going to have a turf pitch to play on here in Oman very soon !!!! Ok, Ok I know that really sounds silly, but if you ever played cricket here in Oman or even lived here you'd know that top-level cricket here is...
  7. R_Powell_fan

    Marlon Samuels's century

    Ain't it Amazing.... the first century by a West Indian Right Handed Middle order batsman other than Hooper for 8 or 9 years !!!! Can anyone confirm this coz I'm not sure and I based this purely on me not managing to remember a successful R/H middle order batsman other than Carl Hooper !!!! If...
  8. R_Powell_fan

    Cricinfo Commentary quote !

    The following is a quote from the recent WI vs. IND 3rd test commentary by cricninfo : 135.5 Srinath to Samuels, no run, bit of a comedy here, Srinath for once thniking like a big fast bowler, bangs it in short, Samuels goes for the pull, ball a bit too slow, beaten by the lack...
  9. R_Powell_fan

    Muralitharan with a new mystery ball!!!

    Murali's new mystery ball !!! Interesting don't you guys think.
  10. R_Powell_fan

    Brian Lara not fully fit-BBC

    Lara troubled by injury (BBC -online 9/10/02) West Indies batting star Brian Lara has admitted he is still not fully fit after dislocating an elbow last December. He suffered the injury in a collision with Sri Lanka's Marvan Atapattu during a one-day international and is still feeling the...
  11. R_Powell_fan

    Good Coaches..

    What are the characteristics of a good coach in you guys' opinion ? Is it one who adjusts your technique or whole game to be sort of copybook, to acheive 'perfection' in your technique ? Or is it someone who gives you a lot of time to practice practice and practice some more in the nets?
  12. R_Powell_fan

    Interesting result for the poll so far

    It is interesting because Pakistan are leading the results so far with India and Australia having the same % of votes...Has Pakistan's consistency really improved over the last few months? India have shown signs and glimses of its One day team really coming through, Australia still seems to have...