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  1. Dravid

    Is sachin tendulkar having the unluckiest year ever?

    Is he?
  2. Dravid

    Number of 50s in a series without a 100

    So whats the number of the most 50s one batsman has hit in a series including tests and odi without scoring a 100. Tendulkar must be really close to the record. He's having pretty bad luck these days once he goes past his 50
  3. Dravid

    NBA 07-08 season thread

    Thought instead of creating two threads, one for the off-season, and for the season it's self, we'd keep everything in one thread. The regular season is just 3 more months away, but theres still a lot of USA Basketball to played in this time. Anyways yesterday Smush Parker left Kobe and...
  4. Dravid

    Will greg leave? If so, then whose next?

    India are now 99.9% out of the world cup. Chances are really high that Greg Chappell will be fired. This is was a horrible world cup for India and changes are needed. I would be devastated if Greg is restrained as coach of India. My thoughts are, fire him, try getting John Wright back as...
  5. Dravid

    Sarfraz claims Woolmer "murdered"

    Just saw this on TV. News JUST came out. Anyone that gets Ajj tak, Zee news star news geo news w.e go check. They just said that they found out he was murdered. Don't have a link yet but will provide one as soon as one is available
  6. Dravid

    Graven Island Vipers

    Thread for the discussion of graven island vipers
  7. Dravid

    Nixontown Thunders

    Thread for discussion of the Thunders
  8. Dravid

    Preseason Thread

    Here is the schedule for the 3 Preseason games Thunders: Game 1 @ New York Knicks Game 2 @ Portland Trailblazers Game 3 vs Graven Island Vipers Vipers: Game 1 @ LA Lakers Game 2 vs Washington Wizards Game 3 @ Nixontown Thunders Depth charts for the preseason will be selected by me. After...
  9. Dravid

    Cricket Web XII Basketball

    I wanted to do this actually for a while. I'm thinking about a Cricket Web Basketball team(Like the CW XI and CW XI football) , with a min of 12 players. Since it's only 12 players I don't think I can get a forum for it. If I can get more than 15 people I will request a forum, but would...
  10. Dravid

    Marlon Samuels caught talking to bookies

    http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/indvwi/content/current/story/279474.html He even admits he knew the guy, but he says he didn't know he was a bookie
  11. Dravid

    Testing Multi Quote

  12. Dravid

    Best American League

    NBA? NFL? MLB? MLS? Or others. Please vote I have to NBA, followed by NFL, followed by NHL, and MLB shouldn't even be a league imo, along with baseball not being a sport.
  13. Dravid

    How do you feel about Harmisons decision to retire.

    Right so I really wanted to create this thread because I have a feeling not a lot of people were upset about it, but still wanted to make sure Answer the poll please!
  14. Dravid

    Battle of the CC posters.

    Okay I have been meaning to do this for a while? This battle is for posters who post a lot in Cricket Chat, and for who is the most knowledgeable Cricket chat poster. Basically the votes will be on who you think knows more about Cricket? Thoughts on the idea? Well since this thread is in...
  15. Dravid


    Now I know we already for the Prediction League, but what about adding vBookie, which can be used with the prediction league for Cricket, and possibly other sporting events. Thoughts?
  16. Dravid

    The coolest Cricketer today

    Who do you think is the coolest Cricketer in the modern era? Gayle, Monty, or maybe McGrath? I have to say Gayle. Love his expressions, one of the coolest guys ever to play the game.
  17. Dravid

    Boje Retires

    http://content-ind.cricinfo.com/southafrica/content/current/story/272238.html I always thought it was not right for a player to come out to the media and say he retired when there is no chance of him coming back to the national team. Just trying to get attention I believe. :dry:
  18. Dravid

    Should Steve Bucknor be allowed to umpire?

    I mean seriously, this guy is the worst umpire in the game. I don't remember the last time he made a good decision, or the last time he didn't make a ridiculously stupid decision. Is there a reason why ICC or any of the Cricket boards don't take action against him?
  19. Dravid

    Confusion rises over the venue of the 2011 final.

    http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/pakistan/content/current/story/267640.html I'm really disappointed in PCB to bring this issue up. They already had the final in 1996, so there should be no reason for them to bring up issues on where the final should be held. Your thoughts?
  20. Dravid

    Rank the NBA Players.

    Would anyone be interested?? I'm going to come up with a list of players, and from that we will rank the players from 1-25, just like its being done in CC. Will get a list up soon enough. Listed in alphabetical order Ray Allen- http://www.nba.com/playerfile/ray_allen/index.html Carmelo...