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Search results

  1. Anna

    Pakistan Cricketers

    Hi guys, I have a bit of a favour to ask. I am putting together an e-flier for the Pakistan matches at Edgbaston next year & could do with knowing who the most popular/successful current Pakistan players are atm. Apart from Afridi and Umar Gul, I really don't have a clue. Your help will be...
  2. Anna


    I have volunteered to 'keep for the uni team this season having never done any before. Am I stupid? :laugh:
  3. Anna

    Who is this player??

    I'm trying to solve a dispute here. I reckon it's Warnie - who else would get a woman to want him to sign her arse? But others reckon it's someone else. Please help!
  4. Anna

    Cricket Bats

    I'm looking for a harrow, something not too heavy, with a price around £100 (ish). Has anyone got any reccommendations?
  5. Anna

    Caption This: Monty & Saj

  6. Anna

    Jamie Cox joins selection panel

    Jamie Cox as been named as Australia's 4th national selector - thoughts?
  7. Anna

    Worst Coach In Cricket

    I've no idea if this has been done before....Anyway. At the moment, I'd say Andy Hurry :dry:
  8. Anna

    Fantastic spoof diary of Kev Pietersen by Giles Smith (The Times)

    This article had me in stitches :laugh: The spoof diary of Kev Pietersen
  9. Anna

    Caption This: Langer, S Francis, Cam White

    A bit unfortunate...
  10. Anna

    England v Germany (All-time greats, or whatever)

    Have a look at this :laugh: Boris Johnson tackle Had much difficulty breathing after watching this :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  11. Anna

    Caption This: Kev & Fred

  12. Anna


    Shane Keith Warne = Is heathen ***k** Justin Lee Langer = Nul genitals! - Jeer! Robert Key = OK, try beer. :laugh: Marcus Edward Trescothick = I scored a duck? Screw that, Mr! Michael Vaughan = I'm Alan - huge chav. Taken from The Big Book of Sporting Insults
  13. Anna

    Funny Stuff....insults, quotes etc.

    I got The Big Book of More Sporting Insults for Christmas and I thought I'd post some of the funny cricket related things.....Only a few for now: Shane Warne responding to the claim that he put on two stone in weight during one summer of league cricket in England: "It's simply not true: I put...
  14. Anna

    Caption this- Ricky Ponting

    An odd pose I think....
  15. Anna

    Georgia - the great try scoring machine

    Wahooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Georgia have scored a try!!!!!! I was so happy for them when Dadunashvili crossed the line and the look on his face afterwards was just great :)
  16. Anna

    Simon Francis in the National Academy

    Yay! Simon Francis has been selected as one of 14 or so for the ECB National Academy this winter, as I predicted :D Well, I did say in my sig until recently didn't I? Anyway, I think he deserves it and I'm sure he'll be a better player for it. If not Matt Bulbeck then Simon Francis it is :D Good...
  17. Anna


    I went to the Lashings match today but had to leave before the end and I cannot find a full scorecard anywhere. Can anyone tell me where to find one? It doesn't seem to have appeared on the Somerset or Lashings websites yet, if ever.
  18. Anna

    The Curse Of The Bowlers

    Bulbeck - serious back injury Caddick - prolapsed disc Johnson - groin/England Francis - 'serious' side strain Laraman - toe That leaves us with Nixon McLean, who seems to be doing very well (touch wood!) and.....Steffan Jones who seems to have gone of the boil. Great. I can really see us...
  19. Anna

    Simon Francis

    I'd just like to congratulate Simon Francis on making the shortlist for the national academy (as I knew he would :D). I just hope he makes it into the academy itself so he can prove (to the world) how good he actually is. And it'll make up for the disappointment I felt at Matt Bulbeck not making...
  20. Anna


    Why oh why do Somerset persist in playing Carl Gazzard in the NCL games? I can't see why myself, perhaps there's a logical reason, but I can't see it. Oh well.