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    Womens World Cup

    Will there be a competition for the Women's World Cup?
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    FAO Neil Pickup - Tips against left arm spin bowling

    Neil is this you that had the struggles against Miss Colvin? Holly Bowls us Over Holly Colvin, the youngest player ever to have played Test cricket for England, visited the Dragon on Tuesday. She gave the pupils from A to E Block valuable coaching tips and talked about her route to success...
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    Swanny's video diary

    The third installment of Swanny's video diary is absolutely brilliant, think I might have to work on my Sprinkler if I want to get to Bresnan's level. :laugh: Swanny's Ashes Video Diary | England Cricket | Australia Tour 2010-11
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    RMJ=Legend:punk: A minute in this gets great YouTube - We love you Tucker
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    New bat

    I'm looking at getting a new bat for next season and have been looking at both Laver and Wood and Bradbury. Does anyone have any experience with these brands?
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    Willostix bats

    Will be getting a new bat over the winter and I am tempted by the willostix anaconda. Anyone had any experience with willostix bats, or should I spend my money elsewhere?