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  1. wpdavid


    This looks fun. It's out on 24 December.
  2. wpdavid

    TV programmes about football teams

    I thought the thread title probably needed to be broader than 'Team of The Eighties' to generate any interest at all, but I saw this BT Sports effort this morning and enjoyed so much that I wanted to share it with the legion of Crystal palace supporters on CW. Such good viewing for people...
  3. wpdavid

    Alan Igglesden

    Died at the age of 57, following a stroke last year. He was highly thought of at Kent and played a handful of games for England.
  4. wpdavid

    Best English players never to have won anything

    Inspired by Harry Kane of course. Earlier players would include Johnny Haynes, Tony Currie and Matt Le Tissier. And, I think, Tom Finney, Neil Franklin and Jimmy Armfield. There are probably several players from the days when they didn't so readily change clubs, but I'm struggling to think of...
  5. wpdavid

    England (and Wales) gloom, doom and recriminations thread

    Created to let the Indian fans deservedly enjoy their win on the other thread. Now where were we? Hazsa and I reckon this is the worst day's play from an England side that we've ever seen. GIMH reckons Adelaide 2006 was worse, but he's wrong. I don't think I've ever seen a more idiotic...
  6. wpdavid

    The Hundred

    Anyone planning on watching it? I probably will do just because it's on terrestrial TV. And it sounds interesting, even if it will do nothing to improve the standard of test cricketers coming through our domestic game.
  7. wpdavid

    Joe Clarke

    Apparently he is going to face trial for affray, along with other members of his family. This following an unsavoury WhatsApp incident not so long ago. Presumably he just doesn't want to further his career internationally, even though the alleged offence took place 12 months ago.
  8. wpdavid

    Joey Benjamin

    I reckon he deserves a mention; just died from a heart attack at the age of 60. By all accounts an absolute gentleman. Thoughts with family and friends of course.
  9. wpdavid

    Official test rankings since WW2

    Can anyone direct me to these? Apparently they have been produced retrospectively back to 1952 and I fancy a browse.
  10. wpdavid

    Matches or series when your team astonished you in a good way

    A more positive counterpart to the 'losses' thread. Here are a few instances when England played better and did far better than we had any right to expect.. 1973/74: Drew 1-1 in the West Indies WI had comfortably beaten us in England,did the same in the first test in this series and dominated...
  11. wpdavid

    Your team's favourite five matches

    This may catch on, or it may be one of my tumbleweed efforts. Your team's favourite five matches with links, if possible, and brief reasons. My reasons were originally much more detailed but I figures that the mods would ban me for boring everyone silly. It doesn't have to be football, but...
  12. wpdavid

    Jack Bond

    I doubt whether this will attract many comments, but his passing should be noted. Fans of a certain age will remember him captaining the great Lancashire one day side of the early 1970s. Not least his great catch to turn the 1971 Gillette Cup final his side's way after Asif Iqbal looked like...
  13. wpdavid

    Deliveries that changed the history of the game

    This struck me when reading a piece about Kapil Dev taking the catch to dismiss Viv Richards in the 1983 WC final, kick starting India's love of limited overs cricket. Another that struck me was Gatting trying unsuccessfully to reverse sweep Allan Border in the 1987 WC final, and the impact that...
  14. wpdavid

    Best games at this WC

    Inspired by a discussion in the 'Final' thread. Those that instantly spring to mind, in no particular order: Spain vs Portugal Belgium vs Japan France vs Argentina Argentina vs Nigeria Serbia vs Switzerland I also enjoyed France vs Belgium and France vs Uruguay, although they may not make...
  15. wpdavid

    Squires watch

    For those not familiar with his work, he's currently producing two a week during the WC. Not surprisingly it's a bit hit and miss, but there's plenty to enjoy. Here's the latest contribution...
  16. wpdavid

    England players who have failed to push on

    Out of a passing discussion in one of the euros threads; English players who were highly rated in their teens and/or early twenties, but have signally failed to develop. A few obvious candidates: Barkley Sterling Walcott Oxlade-Chamberlain Phil Jones Wilshere Gibbs Hart maybe? There must be...
  17. wpdavid

    From Anderson to 1877 in 10 England players

    This was a good read. It's the question of how to link Jimmy Anderson back to what is now viewed as England's first ever test match by players played together for England. The replies are excellent as well, with some fascinating suggestions for counties, as well as other nations' test teams...
  18. wpdavid

    Players who played tests in England on five tours

    Only because I was wondering about Clarke earlier, but of course he's only been on four. Anyway, so far I've come up with Viv Richards, Tendulkar, Hadlee and, I think, Gavaskar and Clive Lloyd. Notables who I don't think toured five times include Bradman, Imran, Javed and Border. Anyone else...
  19. wpdavid

    The Guardian's top 20 players in the world cup

    We'll have to be pretty quick, as I think their top 20 will be announced tomorrow The World Cup's top 100 footballers of all time ? interactive | Football | theguardian.com All pretty subjective of course, but who do we reckon will be in the top 20? A few obvious candidates - Moore...