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  1. luckyeddie

    Old One-Eye's Match Report

    Each Derby County home match, I write a match report for one of the fans' websites. It's not intended to be totally serious, but it is intended to give you some kind of a feel of what Pride Park and Derby County means to me. Please bear in mind that the reports are NOT intended to be a balanced...
  2. luckyeddie

    Mile Sterjovski

    Can any of you Aussies give me some kind of idea what this guy is like? He's at Pride Park today, expected to become Paul Jewell's latest signing.
  3. luckyeddie

    *Official* English Football Season 2006-07

    Fixtures are published tomorrow. Summer is now officially over.
  4. luckyeddie

    Yorkshire deny Itinerant Problem

    Gillespie story It has been announced today that Jason Gillespie will be joining Yorkshire County Cricket Club during 2006. I really hope that for Gillespie's sake he puts his career back on track again after his 2005 Ashes debacle. He was a superb bowler until quite recently.
  5. luckyeddie

    Roy Keane leaves Manure

    Do I really care?
  6. luckyeddie

    Weber Cup - Tenpin Bowling

    We English cricket fans love to put it over the Aussies, but in other sports the big rivalry is with the USA. So it is with bowling - and for those who have Sky Sports, tune in to Sky Sports 3 for the annual Europe v USA Weber Cup. I'll try to keep you updated if anyone's interested. It's...
  7. luckyeddie

    RIP Cloughie

    I have just been told that, sadly, Brian Clough, arguably the greatest football manager of all time, has passed away today. I am heartbroken, and if it is true, will be posting nothing else today.
  8. luckyeddie

    Octuple megashep - the poetry of cricket.

    In honour of this, my 8888th post (get those feet off the ground NOW), DD has decided to show off again. <quack> Thanks, LE. Every day or two until I get bored... That means it'll last a day or two <quack> ...very funny - I shall be revealing to you what a famous poet was TRYING to write...
  9. luckyeddie

    So good a Freudian slip it deserved a mention

    I was listening to a radio programme last night whilst driving home from Winchester. It was a discussion about the rowing, and the medal prospects for Great Britain for today (Saturday). One commentator felt that the fours was a 'nail-on', but the bit which made me sit up and take notice was...
  10. luckyeddie

    Devil Ducky's match reports

    Spain 1 Russia 0 <quack> The great thing about this tournament is the preparations the Portuguese have made in ensuring that all goes smoothly. They have employed advisors from all around the world, making sure that they are aware of customs, foibles and other areas of potential embarrassment...
  11. luckyeddie

    Steve Waugh - preparing for retirement

    Steve Waugh has gone into print today suggesting that a) Injured batsmen should not be allowed a runner b) Leg-byes should be abolished from the game Full story (?) here Personally, I can see the benefits in both ideas - and also the very obvious drawbacks. Is Steve just spinning a line of...
  12. luckyeddie

    Dr. Robin Smith retires

    link goes to CW front page story My two pennyworth - Robin Smith is one of the few 'English' players of the last 20 years I would cross the road to see. When he was 'retired' (dropped) from international cricket in 1996, England's test side went into an uncontrolled decline for the next 3...
  13. luckyeddie

    Darren Gough retires from test cricket

    Cricket Web's lead article The Dazzler has knocked test cricket on the head. He has been an exceptional servant to England in the past and it was very brave of him to give it 'one more go' for the current series, but that little extra which he always had, that spark, is no longer there. With...
  14. luckyeddie

    No Hollioake game for Indian stars

    I bring to your attention Andre's lead article Andre's article regarding the BCCI's refusal to allow Mohammad Kaif and Yuvraj Singh to participate in the Ben Hollioake Memorial game. The waffling reason given by the Indian board pays lip-service to a supposed policy regarding players...
  15. luckyeddie

    Hussain steps down as England skipper

    Nasser Hussain has just announced his resignation from the captaincy. I say 'perfect timing'
  16. luckyeddie

    Hello, Canada

    Hello to everyone involved with North Shore Cricket Club. On behalf of the staff of Cricket Web, I should like to welcome all and sundry to the site and raise a glass of Moosehead to your good health. Feel free to join in with the discussions and banter throughout the site, but watch out for...
  17. luckyeddie

    Cricket and the Media - your help, please

    I came upon the following on the Notts Leagues website yesterday and have tried to help. Unfortunately, it appears as though no-one else is willing to help (no other replies on the Notts site). Just post your replies in this thread, then I will send them to her. Come on - we've ALL got an...
  18. luckyeddie

    S. Africa will demolish England - Wessels

    Kepler Wessels, in an interview published in the Northampton Chronicle and Echo, has written off England's chances of beating South Africa this summer. Wessels report I think he's wrong (although he makes a good case for Thorpe's inclusion)
  19. luckyeddie

    Twenty20 - live internet coverage

    This should help - the URL of the ECB website which carries the URLs of all the UK local radio stations who are providing live coverage of the Twenty20 games. Don't know how good they all are, but Ian Hall at Radio Derby is always good for a laugh ("In my day we wouldn't have stood for this...
  20. luckyeddie

    Sensational start

    What a sensational start for Richard Johnson in test cricket. 2 wickets in his first over (and actually on a hat-trick). Brilliant!!!