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Search results

  1. Smudge

    The biggest spinner of the cricket ball?

  2. Smudge

    Official Rugby Thread

  3. Smudge

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    That explains some of the absence but the Black Caps don't play in NZ between Nov 30 and Feb 16. Get an associate team here, FFS. Anyone!
  4. Smudge

    Fire Gary Stead

    Pretty sure NZ Cricket can't fire a journalist that doesn't work for them, bro.
  5. Smudge

    The "Please fire Gary Stead and Gavin Larsen" thread

    The former North Sydney Bear with the raspy voice or the Far Side cartoonist? Either, tbh.
  6. Smudge

    Tim Paine

    A real below-the-waistman.
  7. Smudge

    player comparisons

  8. Smudge

    I’m out of here

    "It's time for Lillian Thomson to go, but ..."
  9. Smudge

    India cricket woes in icc events

    Too many wastemen.
  10. Smudge

    *Official* 2022 New Zealand Tour of England, Ireland, Scotland & Netherlands

    I've only watched the 25min highlight package so he might have dropped in a few good deliveries but Mitchell and Blundell seemed to be able to hang on the back foot against Parkinson and work him away with ease. I think it's generally agreed he's too slow through the air but was he also too...
  11. Smudge

    Don Bradman

    Some would say his concentration wavered around 1945.
  12. Smudge

    What is the general consensus on Makhaya Ntini's controversial history

    I think the whole point is there isn't a general consensus...
  13. Smudge

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Was just going to go sightseeing and go to the two-day race meeting with a friend of mine that lives there. This is now turning into a four-day bender. And no, I'm not David White. I have a great head of hair at age 43.
  14. Smudge

    *Unofficial* New Zealand Black Caps Thread

    Guess who already had a holiday in Cairns booked for September and will now also be attending two of the three Aus v NZ ODIs announced today. Spoiler: it's me.
  15. Smudge

    Kings of their castle

    Master of their domain: Jerry Seinfeld (upon George's admission in the final ever episode)
  16. Smudge

    Andrew Symonds dies in car accident

    You certainly do.
  17. Smudge

    Andrew Symonds dies in car accident

    Just stop.
  18. Smudge

    The "Also Rans" Poster Draft

    All exceedingly fair points. Plus, Burgey will cherish my robust commentary on his captaincy, I'm sure.
  19. Smudge

    The "Also Rans" Poster Draft

    The first and last time I'll bat 5 in any team.
  20. Smudge

    Official Rugby Thread

    Unfortunately, a team can't win much without a decent 10 and both of ours aren't up to the upper levels of Super Rugby.