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  1. G.I.Joe

    Easy A

    Inspired by a recent captain who didn't bowl and didn't bat. He did write an open letter, but that was probably ghostwritten by his team-mates, much like the tournament win. Instances of captains with easiest routes to lifting a major trophy?
  2. G.I.Joe

    How did Boxes Effect the Dynamics Between Fast Bowlers and Batsman?

    There is an old cricket joke: the first box was used in cricket in 1874 and the first cricket helmet was used in 1974 – it took men 100 years to realise that their head was also important. This pretty much sums up the box. Considering only the Test cricket fast men – and subjectively ignoring...
  3. G.I.Joe

    Cricketweb decides the best fielder ever

    Another contest. I'm stealing your thunder, mr_mister :cool: Not meant to be a strict taxonomical exercise*, so we're not going to moan about slip fielders and outfielders sharing the field here (apologies for the low quality pun). 10 nominations per person. Players nominated thrice get in. 32...
  4. G.I.Joe

    Anyone else just hate NZ culture?

    For some reason the entire team has adopted haka culture.. nothing makes me cringe more than seeing non-Maoris dance and prance like Maoris but now they ALL do it... even the professional-looking guys on TV, the cops.. all of them are wannabe natives. They are also the most arrogant and biased...
  5. G.I.Joe

    Virat Dhoni get spanked by schoolgirls on public street

    Virat Dhoni get spanked by schoolgirls on public street :-O
  6. G.I.Joe

    Big Orange attempt to take control of Catches

    News filtering in that the orange bourgeoisie has it's proponents who demand exclusivity to catches in the crowd :-O. This may be the end of spectator gaiety as we know it. Stadium audiences should not tolerate a two tier system with the moneyed demanding a greater right to embarrass themselves...
  7. G.I.Joe

    Taboo Draft - Voting Thread

    Please vote for your top 3 teams More detailed write-ups on some of the teams: Team CricZo (kingkallis) http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/2871014-post920.html Zaremba's taboo XI http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/2870814-post914.html Valer XI...
  8. G.I.Joe

    Taboo Draft

    An all-time Test draft where each successive pick cannot be a player of the same type as the two previous picks. Say if participant A picks a fast bowler and participant B picks a spin bowler, then participant C cannot pick either a fast bowler or spin bowler. If he then picks a batsman...
  9. G.I.Joe

    Scorecard Draft III - Voting Thread

    This is a multi-choice poll. Vote for your top 3 teams!
  10. G.I.Joe

    Sum greater than the parts

    The current Indian team has no player from Rajasthan, the domestic champions two years running. What are other instances of no player from the domestic champions being considered good enough to represent their country at the time?
  11. G.I.Joe

    Scorecard Draft III

    For those already familiar with the scorecard draft format, it should be noted that this edition won't be exactly the same format. It'll be different in that each participant picks his next player from his own last scorecard, rather than the scorecard of the participant who picked before him...
  12. G.I.Joe

    Petition to bring Air Guitar smiley on board

    I believe that the posting experience on Cricketweb would be greatly enhanced by the addition of the Air Guitar smiley to the existing default list of smilies. The Air Guitar smiley would fill a void in music related threads, player and poster appreciation situations, tour match threads and as...
  13. G.I.Joe

    Should Atul Sharma make a comeback???

    A very sad state of affairs in SA. World cricket needs him because Atul Sharma is probably my favorite ever Indian cricketer and along with Rambo probably the most exciting manly man I have ever seen. As much as SS is a spinner fanboy, I am a bowling fan-boy. I would like to see Atul make a...
  14. G.I.Joe

    Cricinfo's Test Series' Analysis

    It Figures | Cricket Blogs | Cricinfo.com Team Total Win Draw Lost Aw-W Aw-D Points Index Series Australia 197 113 29 55 45 12 870.1 4.42 England 239 118 39 82 45 24 888.8 3.72 West Indies 123 54 21 48 24 12 443.0 3.60 South Africa...
  15. G.I.Joe

    nana nana nana nana

    LAXMAN! :notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy
  16. G.I.Joe

    ODI all-time XI's for each nation

    Thread comes off thinking about whether Agarkar would make India's all time ODI XI, tbh. (Not that it's an original idea for a thread :p) India all time XI: Sachin Tendulkar Saurav Ganguly Md Azharuddin/NS Sidhu Virender Sehwag Yuvraj Singh Rahul Dravid MS Dhoni + Kapil Dev Manoj Prabhakar...
  17. G.I.Joe

    *Official* RTS Games Thread

    Had a good time completing a Rise Of Nations - Thrones and Patriots campaign. I played as the Egyptians. Really should have completed it in fewer turns than 23, but it took me till almost two thirds of the way to realise that capturing an enemy capital gives you their entire empire. I was...
  18. G.I.Joe

    Zimbabwe offer to forfeit Intercontinental Cup game

    Zimbabwe news: Zimbabwe offer to forfeit Intercontinental Cup finals berth | Cricket News | ICC Intercontinental Cup 2009/10 | Cricinfo.com Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) has offered to forfeit Zimbabwe XI's ICC Intercontinental Cup match against Scotland, and consequently the chance for a place in the...
  19. G.I.Joe

    When Gavaskar batted left handed

    When He Batted Left-handed | OPEN Magazine In an innovative strategy to combat unplayable bowling, Sunil Gavaskar came out and batted with his other hand for an hour to save Bombay from an outright defeat. Interesting.
  20. G.I.Joe

    Scorecard Draft - Vote here (or else...)

    Here we have 18 teams selected by 19 participants over the course of 40 days, having undergone a rigorous process of poring over scorecards, encompassing all the eras of Test cricket; from present day right back to its infancy (boy, did we have fun there or what *awkward laugh* :ph34r:). You...