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Search results

  1. Red

    Predict your starting XI for the next Ashes test in 2023

    Renshaw Pukovski Labuschagne Smith Green Head Inglis Cummins Starc Boland Lyon Richardson and Hazelwood depending on injuries etc
  2. Red

    All time world test XI selection

    I’ll work thru 8 XIs here. First XI selections Choose two opening batsmen Choose two opening bowlers
  3. Red

    The CricketWeb comprehensive list of ALL TIME GREATS (ATGs) discussion

    Well, I'm in iso on NYE so what else can I do? My criteria for an ATG might be different to others, but I think any player who wouldn't look completely out of place in most nation's ATG XI deserves the accolade. It's quite exclusive, therefore. Here they are: Openers Hutton Hobbs Gavaskar...
  4. Red

    Why does impact matter in an LBW decision?

    What does it matter if it’s hitting a player outside the line but going on to the stumps?
  5. Red

    Australian test selection 2021-2

    Well, I usually start one of these. I’d go: Warner Khawaja Labuschagne Smith Renshaw Green Inglis Cummins Lyon Hazelwood Richardson Pukovski to replace Usman at some stage. Starc and Abbott in the wings. Kurt Patterson too.
  6. Red


    Interested to know how effective they’ve been over the years. Statistically. Hoping someone smarter than me can provide some evidence of their effectiveness or otherwise. - how many times have nightwatchmen been used in the last 100 years? - how many times has a nightwatchman been dismissed...
  7. Red

    Andrew Symonds was a legitimate 5th bowling option in ODIs

    Sorry, just sick of the Jimmy Anderson stuff.
  8. Red

    Best non batsman, batsmen.

    Over the course of cricket history, who do you think are the twenty best batsmen who spent the majority of their innings batting at #7 or below in the batting order?
  9. Red

    Which Aust player likes to go on field with a toasted sanga in his pocket?

  10. Red

    Boundary rule in cricket

    Currently, if any part of the fielder is over the boundary and they touch the ball, it’s a boundary. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the rule to simply be if the ball goes on/over the line, it’s a boundary? Would be simpler to determine the majority of the time too.
  11. Red

    Paine and Ashwin interactions

    Anyone hear this on the Fox coverage? Stump mics were really clear. Ashwin pulled away from facing Lyon 3 times because of Paine’s sledging. And tbh it was pretty crass stuff, had very audible on the coverage. Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere, was just interested in ppl’s opinions.
  12. Red

    Paul Reiffel & Paul Wilson umpiring

    How many times have two ex test players umpired a game together?
  13. Red

    New Zealand- #1 ranked test side for the first time ever

    Very cool
  14. Red

    Is cricket an inclusive sport?

    In a discussion about the 2007/08 racial furore widely known as the "Monkeygate Scandal" in which Australia's Andrew Symonds was allegedly called a "monkey" by India spinner Harbhajan Singh, Sadler was asked by Jones if she saw cricket as an "inclusive" sport. "That's a really good question, I...
  15. Red

    Drafts being moved out of CC and into games

    I can't see if this has been discussed elsewhere. I'm not really for or against this but I think drafts bring a lot of people in to CC who then stay for cricket discussion.
  16. Red

    Australian test selection 2020/21

    In a strange year, we're closing in on the test summer: v. Afghanistan 21-25 Nov (Perth) v. India 3-7 Dec (Bris) v. India 11-15 Dec (Adel) v. India 26-30 Dec (Melb) v. India 3-7 Jan (Syd)
  17. Red

    Draft - your selection must have a batting average close to the previous player's selection

    Ok, silly little idea for a draft to ease some lockdown boredom. First participant will make their selection - any test cricketer in history (bar Bradman*). Next selection and every selection thereafter must choose a player who is within 3 runs of the previous selection's batting average OR...
  18. Red

    Classic Draft

    Ok, who's up for a bit of a distraction at the moment? I'm gonna run a classic test draft with a few clauses: You cannot select more than TWO players from ANY of the following teams: Australia England West Indies South Africa India You must select at least ONE players from EACH of the...