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  1. howardj

    Tim Paine

    He speaks well, and projects integrity. But I must say I have been disappointed in his captaincy (the latest ****-up was his declaration on Sunday which showed no feel for the wider game), his referrals (which cost an Ashes series win), his batting, and especially his keeping (which was meant...
  2. howardj

    Phil Hughes - Five Years On

    Important to remember today's anniversary of a promising, young international cricketer passing away on the field of play in a FC game He embodied the future. He was young, had a flourishing back lift, and was on the verge of a Test recall. Forever young. One of the good things to emerge...
  3. howardj

    My Richie Benaud Poem/Song

    Inspired by Channel Nine's Richie Tribute on Friday night at the lunch break, I've penned a heartfelt tribute to Richie Will post the lyrics up tomorrow (they're at home) It has to be sung in the same sort of tune of Memories, by Barbara Streisand (which was one of Richie's favourite songs...
  4. howardj

    Australia's Test Squad for England and West Indies

    I have it confirmed from my Jollimont sources that this squad will be the same squad for both tours and will be announced in the next two weeks Many discussion points: We've had some Ashes heart-break stories down the years (Jones in 1993, Haydos in 1997) I wonder who will be this year's...
  5. howardj

    Warnie - Please Stop

    This was the final staw for me I am so over Shane Warne trying to prove his loyalty to Michael Clarke, and trying to show everyone that they're great mates...no matter the cost to Australian cricket It's like he can't talk about anything else other than Clarke; and can't stomach the fact that...
  6. howardj

    THe Gabba - An International Cricketing Backwater

    The treatment by Cricket Australia (CA) of the Gabba is bordering on farcical, and is seriously alienating everyone who loves cricket here in Queensland… This Summer has been pitiful: We didn’t host even one of the five games in the ODI series against South Africa On top of that, we didn’t...
  7. howardj

    Foxtel Turns Off the Tap

    Oh no Not only will there be no coverage of the England summer, but Fox has yet to committ to televising our series in the UAE against Pakistan The non coverage of overseas Tests going forward (with the presumed exception of the Ashes) would be a hammer blow to cricket in Australia It would...
  8. howardj

    Howardj Presents - Ashes Aftermath; Australian Cricket Under the Microscope

    Only a few more sleeps to go now, boys - until my State of the Nation essay is released. Have opted against serialising it. :laugh: I believe next weekend is a long weekend, so have pushed the 1 May release date back until the evening of 2 May. It's 7000+ words so far. Having real troubles...
  9. howardj

    Australia Announce New Captain and Vice Captain

    Thought this deserved a thread of its own, as it's such a watershead in Australian cricket. Unlike other countries, we don't change captain lightly. My tip for vice captain is Watson.
  10. howardj

    Australia v England - Coaching

    I think this article was very instructive. When Tim Nielsen was appointed (and not through a proper process, but because he was previously the assistant and Ponting wanted him as coach) we were ranked number one in both ODIs and Tests. Under his watch, we have slipped to number five in Tests...
  11. howardj

    Marcus North Australia's Next Captain

    WTF? Trouble in paradise as players revolt against Clarke who seems to be a prickly character. My word, I will hand in my CW membership if a hack like North ascends to teh captaincy. Nothing would surprise me with CA though.
  12. howardj

    Gripping Averages Battle - Who Will Win?

    It's pretty interesting, the battle between these three giants: SR Tendulkar (1989-2010) 13 447 @ 55.56 JH Kallis (1995-2010) 11 083 @ 55.13 PT Ponting (1995-2010) 11 928 @ 55.22 Who will win the averages battle and why? And who do you think is the best player (although this question could...
  13. howardj

    Restructure the Australian Summer

    Look, after the fare served up this Summer, in the interests of Test cricket specifically and cricket in general here in Australia, I really think we should just play South Africa, India and England on a three-Summer rotational basis. Each Summer would consist of: - Five Tests - Five ODIs -...
  14. howardj

    Vale Betty Wilson - The Female Bradman

    God bless her. Stellar stats for a chick. Seriously, the girl's matches are low scoring affairs. For her to have those stats, at least in the women's theatre, is remarkable. Not to mention her tweakers...
  15. howardj

    Crash Craddock's Top Ten Cricketers of the Decade

    Interesting Kallis, not Smith, should be top of the pops for mine. Interesting list though: Smith Gilly Murali Warne Ponting Hayden McGrath Kallis Flintoff Tendulkar
  16. howardj

    Player Workload

    One of things that annoys me is players, and here in Australia it has got ridiculous, complaining about their workload. That player workload has increased is a proposition that nobody seems to challenge. Over the coming week, I intend to set some time aside and dig back through the archives and...
  17. howardj

    Andrew Hilditch Re-Appointed

    From the panel that bought you (and these are just the clangers which I can remember, I'm sure there are more): - Cam White's Test selection in India - The destruction of the confidence of a couple of spinners - Three number sixes on the Ashes tour, and no reserve opener - The Nathan Hauritz...
  18. howardj

    Favourite Ashes Memory

    I love the Ashes because it's so pure. It's Test cricket, played by the two countries whose populations most love the longer form of the game generally, and this Series in particular. Anyway, my favourite Ashes memory is Mick Slater at Lords in 1993. It was straight out of a Boys Own Manual -...
  19. howardj

    ***Official*** Australia vs Pakistan in UAE

    Aus squad announced. Someone sticky this bitch up.
  20. howardj

    The Not Out Signal

    With the advent of the referral system, I've become somewhat disturbed that, after a batsman has been given not out by the 3rd umpire, the on-field umps use a kind of 'not out' signal, which just happens to be the exact same signal as a dead ball. I've watched a bit of this series with two other...