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Search results

  1. Majin

    Sunderland AFC

    Squad: John Terry Joe Hart Liam Lawrence Robbie Keane Nico Kranjcar Nyron Nosworthy Phil Bardsley Michael Turner Sylvinho David Healy David Silva Fraizer Campbell Brett Emerton Lineup: GK: Hart RB: Bardsley CB: Turner CB: Terry LB: Sylvinho RM: Lawrence CM: Emerton CM: Kranjcar LM...
  2. Majin

    Substitutes in Cricket

    Heard the commentators talking a little bit about this in the SA/Windies match earlier, just wondering what you guys thought about the issue. Obviously at the moment the only thing the 12th man can do is field, personally I've always thought this was a bit daft, especially considering Test...
  3. Majin

    Boxing thread

    I just wondered if there are any other fight fans here on CW? I'm sure there are a couple at least, dunno if there are enough to sustain a thread but I couldn't find one and a general boxing thread couldn't hurt. So yeah, general boxing discussion I guess. Just watched Arturo "Thunder" Gatti...
  4. Majin

    Anyone know what he's referring to?

    "I can't believe Haydos is trying to start another war of words, I thought he would have learned from last time." Ooh, ominous ... Simon Jones is bemused as to why Matthew Hayden would want to kick off again after what happened last summer What did Hayden say? Anyone know?
  5. Majin

    Buying tickets

    Yeah, I've never been to any international before, but today we're looking in to getting some tickets, and I was just wondering if any of you who HAVE been before know any good places to get them from? Like, any reputable ticket selling sites or something like that, or anywhere really. We're...
  6. Majin

    Caption this: Lou Vincent

  7. Majin

    Why are there no allrounders who bowl spin?

    Well, think about it. If you look at the great all rounders from the 80's, Botham, Khan, Dev, Hadlee and the like, they all bowled pace. I can't actually think of any Allrounders who bowl spin, not any that you could warrant picking either as a bowler or a bat, but granted my knowledge of...
  8. Majin

    Best bowling figures?

    In my first match i got 7 for 0 with Harbajahn, but that was against the US at slog mode level xD. Also when I was getting the Jim Laker pictures on Slog mode I got 10 for 0 with Wasim Akram :}. But at decent level, on County mode, I got 8-16 with Harmison and then 8-12 with Akram, both against...
  9. Majin


    Like, is there any way to raise your stats in this, or is it just randomly done when you play games? (I mean for like fielding as well, is their just any way to improve it.) And like, how long does the season last, and when does it start again? Yeah, thanks.
  10. Majin

    Rahul Dravid

    Hey, So like i'm writing an article about Dravid for my college course, and I need to get some "Public Opinion" about him, so If you guys could just like, discuss Dravid (and his obvious awesomeness. 0:}), I'd be grateful. How do you rate him? What are his strenghs/weakness's in your eyes? Would...
  11. Majin

    The Green Thread

    Well the other teams seem to have one. *_*