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Search results

  1. Shady Slim

    player comparisons

    i motion that we unironically have a subforum for direct player comparison threads in cricket chat discussion threads can stay in main but all of these one against one discussion threads need a place to go ffs edit: @PlayerComparisons this isnt at you specifically, you're cool!
  2. Shady Slim

    Describe CWers with emoji

  3. Shady Slim

    Burgey average vs Women in Tests

    Burgey slots in at preferred position (4) for Australia for 50 tests in the next 5 years (and doesn't get injured). Perry and Lanning can decide between them who bats 3 and 5, they can alternate if necessary. Average prediction?
  4. Shady Slim


    because of the sixers’ big win the night prior i felt we needed a thread hey
  5. Shady Slim


  6. Shady Slim

    make anagrams out of thread titles

    thrill dictators as i tune a heap
  7. Shady Slim

    let's remember some guys; cw edition

    i'm kicking us off with Biryani Pillow, that guy with the abe simpson avatar who talked about his umpiring career a good deal of the time
  8. Shady Slim

    worldwide series

    a comment by @SillyCowCorner1 about galle in the england vs sri lanka thread reminded me of a thread idea i came up with a whole ago for discussion but forgot to post up. say you have been put in charge of scheduling a worldwide five test series for the WTC final, rather than a one-off at lords...
  9. Shady Slim

    let’s remember some guys

    let’s remember some guys!! but what is a “guy”? a guy is a player who’s mediocre, but is not exceptionally so. a guy comes along and gets internationals, but isn’t in the team for 5+ years as a fixture. a guy can have great innings, great patches, but if you’re a guy then you’re not the glue...
  10. Shady Slim

    The Mankad

    in cricket, we have a lot of pride in being the gentleman’s game, and one of the ways we show this is by frowning on people who mankad a batsman with no warning... we’re pretty much the only sport that frowns upon a completely legal and, in a by the book sort of reading, completely legitimate...
  11. Shady Slim

    people who aren't cricketers draft pt deux

    please read all of the rules or you're a huge nerd with no friends i tried to run this draft a while ago and it was a boatload of fun but then hitler got picked and it all got a bit on the nose and petered out; here i am running it again! the rules: -signups for the general public will open...
  12. Shady Slim

    cricketing implications of mugabegate

    so movements are gonna be made to impeach mugabe if he doesn't resign in the next four hours of my posting this cricket zimbabwe is in shambles and zimbabwe as a nation is too so here's my question are there any cricketing implications to mugabe's deposition? maybe teams would be more likely...
  13. Shady Slim

    Mediocrity Voting

    very important that you read the rules and follow the structure - we'll have to look at the data first off i'd like to thank everyone for a great draft, sorry i'm a horrendous draft manager so thanks for sticking around here are the voting rules you rank the three best and three worst teams -...
  14. Shady Slim

    Mediocrity Draft

    this is not a draft where you draft the worst team you can, it is a draft where you draft the most bog average mediocre "eh" team that you can not bad enough to be offensive, just "eh" so like who's in
  15. Shady Slim

    player comparisons

    inspired by this get out your best player/poster comparisons
  16. Shady Slim

    weirdest scorecards

    so i have stumbled across this game and it's absolutely absurd 1st Test: Sri Lanka v Pakistan at Galle, Jul 4-7, 2009 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo there is so much absurdity in this scorecard i don't know where to begin what are the strangest looking scorecards you've seen? the reason...
  17. Shady Slim

    Intl. LMS

    it stands for last man standing what happens is you pick a winner of each test match and ODI (i think that T20 is too much of a lottery, can change it to just tests based on the opinion) and you are eliminated when you get one wrong have picks in and final two hours before the match starts...
  18. Shady Slim

    downhill skiing and FTBs

    in light of the recent mud slinging fest in the fab four (i hate them term) thread, thought it would be interesting to have a greater discussion on all the downhill skiing and flat track bully batsmen in world cricket right now my picks for flat track bullies are david warner and, excepting...
  19. Shady Slim

    interesting stats

    aight here's a thread for real stats, big stats, important stats that are very interesting and actually mean something younis khan has only ever been stumped once in one hundred and eighty four dismissals
  20. Shady Slim

    on song

    so out of batsmen, fast bowlers, and spinners, who does the forum prefer to see "on song", each has its merits batsmen when they're on song, there is a certain invincibility about a batsman - their defense is staunch and everything comes out of the middle of the bat, the pill to the boundary...