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Search results

  1. NUFAN

    Y no flag

    On the main website I love to click on the Bermuda flag to find out lots of stats like Bermers Bermuda recent win/loss streak and who is leading runscorer. There is what 86 T20I nations so Im just seeing if we can have maybe 7 or so more rows of flags to include all International nations...
  2. NUFAN

    ***Official*** Women's T20 World Cup 2020

    Starts in about 5 weeks and squads are being announced. Here are some of the big guns. Australia: Meg Lanning (Victoria) — Captain Rachael Haynes (New South Wales) — Vice-captain Erin Burns (New South Wales) Nicola Carey (Tasmania) Ashleigh Gardner (New South Wales) Alyssa Healy (New South...
  3. NUFAN

    WBBL season 5

    Looking forward to this tournament which starts tomorrow. Great that its a standalone tournament and the games are often at tv friendly times. In total, 23 games are on TV. This is messy but.. Date Match Venue Time (local) Broadcast Friday 18 October Sydney Sixers vs Sydney Thunder North...
  4. NUFAN

    Cricketers who youd like as much or more if their name was spelt backwards

    And i dont mean 'Backwards Marsh' for example. Ill start of with markraM
  5. NUFAN

    Sheep Draft 7.0

    Sheep Draft is back after 3 1/2 years. For those not familar with the concept ask away or have a look at the previous ones. Rules The way the game works is that I'll ask a few questions at a time for example: Q1- Select a Cricket with a highest Test score over 275 Q2 - Select a Cricketer...
  6. NUFAN

    Talent selection vs. Talent identification

    Ive recently been part of a selection process where we chose a group of kids who will be part of a cricket program throughout their 6 years of high school. Its been a fun experience and ill definitely put my hand up for next years intake. I was just curious if you think it should be more about...
  7. NUFAN

    New guys in the mix for the 2023 World Cup

    I know its not exactly fitting for the 2019 WC section but who are guys that arent at this tournament but are chances to feature in JAMODIs with the eye on the next cup. Im not exactly looking for names like Josh Hazlewood who has been injured, more like Ashton Turner who has had a small taste...
  8. NUFAN

    World Cup Betting

    Has anyone found any good value/interesting bets? I like Joe Root to score more runs than Dhawan which pays $1.77. I would be amazed if Root doesnt win. I also put a big $2 on the top runscorer from each team multi: Bairstow, de Kock, Hope, Imam Guptill KusalMendis Smith Rahmat Shakib Virat...
  9. NUFAN

    *Official* Women's Big Bash League 2018-19 (WBBL|04)

    Can we change the thread title as its now season 4. First game is on now, this Fazackerley girl is interesting, just hits aerially but with power. Lol, that fielder had no chance of catching that on the boundary.
  10. NUFAN

    ICC Women's World T20 2018

    Deserves a thread (cant see one already) 10 teams 23 matches, 2 groups of 5 with semis and final and its over within 16 days, makes it a good sized tournament. Kaur from India with the first 103 (51) and Australia currently playing Pakistan. All games are televised on Fox Sports so pretty...
  11. NUFAN

    Batsmen Impact Per Series

    For a while now I've been thinking about series impact as a decent measure of a cricketers worth. - I have not counted one-off Tests as series (so included 2 or more) - I have awarded different points ranging from 4 to -3 depending on how good/bad their series average was - Just a minor thing...
  12. NUFAN

    Name another forum members XI

    Post an XI that you think is a typical team of players that you think they like. Feel free to not disclose whos team it is, could be interesting (prob not) to guess. To start things off: 1 Visu Sibanda 2 Shane Watson 3 Mathew Sinclair 4 Jacques Kallis 5 Trevor Goddard 6 Imran Khan 7 Tatenda...
  13. NUFAN

    Cricket Expansion Draft

    Hey all, I was listening to an NBA podcast which helped me create the idea. Basically I am looking for 4 people to be an expansion country who will enter the test and ODI arena in 2019. There are 12 Test playing nations now so I am going to ban 11 players from each country. The 4 draftees will...
  14. NUFAN

    The best XI from Ireland since '96

    I am curious to know which XI people would pick (in Tests) if you could select anyone in their prime who has played ODIs for Ireland since 1996 to anyone available now. I think of Trent Johnston and Eoin Morgan immediately and George Dockrell when you consider 'prime' but others such as Bray...
  15. NUFAN

    All Time XI Tournament

    So from the other thread I wrote the following: Turns out I've got the SIM covered (thank you Pews) so yes we are still picking teams, but it doesn't mean we can't work out the seedings now. I don't yet know how to embed a 64 team bracket on here but it will look very cool if this can be done.
  16. NUFAN

    All Time South Africa XI game

    Onto the final team, South Africa. 334 Test Cricketers in total would mean 10-12 teams should be fine but RSA have had many Test cricketers who have played only a few Tests so 8 teams is a good target. For those yet to participate, your choices must have played Test Cricket. Lets go.. -...
  17. NUFAN

    All Time Pakistan XI game

    Another proud nation is up. 227 Test Cricketers overall means 8 teams is the target for Pakistan. I'm looking forward to this one as I don't think I've seen B or C XIs named from Pakistan. Please select for the Pakistan XI - Both opening batters - A number 3 batsmen - 1 spinner - 2 fast bowlers
  18. NUFAN

    All Time New Zealand XI game

    Australia Bangladesh England India New Zealand Pakistan South Africa Sri Lanka West Indies Zimbabwe Time for New Zealand. 273 Test Cricketers in total, I am thinking 9 or 10 teams total. To start of: - Name 1 opening batsman for the NZ XI - Name a number 3 batsman for NZ - Name a spinner...
  19. NUFAN

    All Time Bangladesh XI game

    87 Test Cricketers means that 4 teams will be the aim for the Tigers. - Name an opener for the All tIme Bangladesh XI - Name a wicket keeper - Name a spin bowler for the BANG XI - Name a fast bowler
  20. NUFAN

    All Time West Indies XI game

    West Indies turn now. WI have had a similar number of Test Cricketers as India, so we can aim for 10 XIs. - Name 2 fast bowlers for the West Indies XI - Name the West Indies XI wicket keeper - Select 1 opening batsman - Select the WIs number 3