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Search results

  1. sledger

    Using the word "maiden" to describe a runless over

    This should no longer be done imo. The word has negative ***ual connotations. By using it to describe an unspoilt over implies that non-maiden overs are bad, and thus implies that women who have had *** are impure or spoilt. Dire imo.
  2. sledger

    Commentary complaints thread

    In before "It's a year late, but that's a goal worth waiting for" and all similar variants (heh) of these sorts of phrases.
  3. sledger

    Should mods be held in cages?

    Apropos of nothing, a simple Yes or No question.
  4. sledger

    Would Rishabh Pant look good in pink pants?

    Yes imo
  5. sledger

    Daily infraction thread

    hello it is time for my daily update please @James @Prince EWS @Neil Pickup @PY @Rik
  6. sledger

    Infraction Discussion Thread

    Hello please can a mod let me know how many infraction points I have, and/or if the infraction system even exists any more?
  7. sledger

    Does India need a Caste-Based Quota for team selections?

    A lot has been written about the frankly racist caste system that exists in Indian society, but it occurred to me the other day that its impact on cricket has received relatively scant attention. In the entire time India has been playing test cricket there have been barely any Dalits and...
  8. sledger

    Stats Spider discussion thread

    pretty embarrassing tbh
  9. sledger

    Ausage or slug?

    Don't like slugs tbh
  10. sledger

    Does Dan Smith like burritos?

    We may never know but I am pretty sure he does
  11. sledger

    Furball Assessment Thread

    Why was it locked?
  12. sledger

    Do England now have property rights re: the WC trophy?

    Srs question Looking at you Groundking
  13. sledger

    Is it bad...

    ...for a batter to be "over-reliant on boundaries"? Richard always used to say it was, but I never really understood this point.
  14. sledger

    Sledger's Infraction Anthology

    For posterity. Date: 11/02/2011 Moderator: andyc Reason: Trolling or Baiting Points: 5
  15. sledger

    Good Ashes players who never played ODIs

    Never understood why Mark Butcher never played in one day internationals to be honest.
  16. sledger


    Ok, so I was reading one of the Bunbury Tales books, and one story has the Bunbury cricket team go to Bunnybados (presumably the rabbit version of the West Indies). When the team arrives, all of the Bunnybados bunnies are black. Is this a bit dodgy?
  17. sledger

    Why will TFO's new thread be deleted?

    I for one am puzzled as to why this is the case
  18. sledger

    Martin Saggers

    Weird that he played a few tests tbh
  19. sledger

    Alex Wharf

    When he celebrated he opened his mouth and his tongue looked weird
  20. sledger

    Michael Papps

    He was alright iirc