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Search results

  1. Red

    Jonny Bairstow apology thread

    England would love to have prime Atherton opening for them in the current era.
  2. Red

    The biggest spinner of the cricket ball?

    MacGill ripped the **** out of it consistently. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone spin it more
  3. Red

    Andy Roberts vs Courtney Walsh

    Roberts > Holding
  4. Red

    AB de Villers vs Michael Bevan vs Sachin Tendulkar

    Possibly. But Hussey was always such a clean striker of the ball, while Bevan was more of a nurdler and accumulator. Bevan was very good at picking gaps and pushing twos similarly to Deano. Hussey was just a clean striker and far more technically correct. I’d back Hussey to perform more often...
  5. Red

    Players who retired too early.

    Kim Hughes retired at 30 in 1984 after pretty relentless and tasteless bullying by teammates. Was put into difficult situations by GChappell's choosing of when he'd tour or not, and then losing and regaining the captaincy based on Chappell's whims. Should never had been put into the situations...
  6. Red

    AB de Villers vs Michael Bevan vs Sachin Tendulkar

    Post might have been made in jest, not sure, but you're actually spot on. Ponting, Waugh, Symonds and Hussey in the inner ring, with Starc, Lee, McGrath and Deano on the boundary is a hell of a fielding combo.
  7. Red

    AB de Villers vs Michael Bevan vs Sachin Tendulkar

    I think Hussey brings everything to a team that Bevan would batting somewhere between 5-7, but that he'd do it a bit better. Better hitter than Bevan. Also a significatly better fieldsman.
  8. Red

    AB de Villers vs Michael Bevan vs Sachin Tendulkar

    I don't hate Bevan. He was pretty good. I just think there's a big myth surrounding him. And I'd definitely prefer MWaugh over him in a team. I think Watson is better as an opener rather than Waugh, who was more adaptable in the middle order, so I am happy to slide Waugh down the order. But if...
  9. Red

    AB de Villers vs Michael Bevan vs Sachin Tendulkar

    Gilchrist Watson Ponting Jones Symonds M.Waugh Hussey Starc Warne Lee McGrath Is how I like it. Waugh is out of position and could change with Watto but I want him for his fielding as well as his batting, and also potentially for a few things overs. Watto would be better opening most of the...
  10. Red

    Vanilla draft

    I would love to see an attack of McGrath and Garner in tandem
  11. Red

    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    I’d have May in my English ATG XI a lot of the time
  12. Red

    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    ATGs/ATVGs who aren’t normally selected in ATG teams Lawry Taylor I.Chappell McCabe Hassett Hussey Healy Benaud Trumble Davidson Hazelwood Cook Boycott Gooch Cowdrey Gower Woolley Greig Verity Evans Statham Willis Gayle Worrell Walcott Kanhai Weekes Lloyd Murray Roberts Bishop Gibbs Walsh
  13. Red

    Tim Paine

    Australia as in the continent itself? It’s insentient. Or Australians as a people? Not sure how you’d decide that. Are you including people not into cricket? And should we poll everyone to get an accurate reflection of the how everyone feels cos someone sent a dick pic ages ago?
  14. Red

    Best allrounder

    Not completely biased, but Green could be anything given a fair run with injury.
  15. Red

    Damien Martyn

    Doesn’t set him back, just puts him in the pack
  16. Red

    "Also Ran" Draft Voting

    Teuton, Bitmap
  17. Red

    Don Bradman

    in bowral? i've always wanted to go but wondering if it's worth the big drive
  18. Red

    Don Bradman

    Bradman was obviously a pretty good batter but his mere 2 test wickets doesn’t put him in the same category as an Andrew Symonds as a genuine fifth bowling option
  19. Red

    "Also Ran" Draft Voting

    Cricaddict, ataraxia himmanv, MM fuller, bitmap pothas, L&L
  20. Red

    The "Also-Rans" Test Draft

    I’ll likely not be online for about 24 hours and everyone ahead of me already has a keeper so I’ll take Wally Grout. If AndrewB can isn’t using Walcott to keep and wants Grout, I’ll take Syed Kirmani instead. If I’ve misread and any of these guys are taken already, just give me Bob Taylor...