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Search results

  1. Himannv

    Monopoly Cricket Draft

    RULES: 12 rounds 6 hours per pick (10 hours for the first round only) Snake draft order (so I'll only be randomizing the order once) Your position on the board depends on a six sided dice roll (the value of which will be provided at the start of each round) You can't pick anyone from the block...
  2. Himannv

    [Voting Thread 2] - Draft of the Dead - Halloween Special

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules You cannot vote for your own team. All participants in the final are required to vote. Failure to do so would result in -1 vote for your team...
  3. Himannv

    [Voting Thread] - Draft of the Dead - Halloween Special

    Voting Rules: Read this please Vote for the better team in each match. Voting closes in 48 hours - All participants need to vote. You cannot vote in your own match. You can post about yout team and your opponent and why you might win - but remember, keep it respectful. Voting format: Match 1...
  4. Himannv

    Draft of the Dead - Halloween Special

    Draft Type: Test Time for picks: 12h first round, 8h thereafter Draft order: snake draft Special Rules: No Bradman. Only players who have died can be selected. Pretty grim, I know. Players need to have played at least 1 test to qualify. Treat each other with respect or you'll have to answer to...
  5. Himannv

    Sri Lankan team bus attack 10 years on

    Tried to see if there was a thread on this article already, but couldn't find one. I didn't know some of these details and it really sounds like it was a harrowing experience. The shrapnel damage that some of them sustained was a lot worse than what I thought from the sounds of it...
  6. Himannv

    Vote: 80s and 90s Dual Draft - ODI XI

    AndrewB Grumpy The Battlers Prince bagapath SillyCowCorner1 mr_mister Teuton Himannv Red Hill anil1405 kingkallis
  7. Himannv

    Vote: 80s and 90s Dual Draft - Test XI

    AndrewB Grumpy The Battlers Prince bagapath SillyCowCorner1 mr_mister Slifer Teuton Himannv Red Hill anil1405 kingkallis
  8. Himannv

    80s and 90s Dual Draft

    Ah the 80s and 90s. Back during the times when music was still original, girls were still naive, and fast bowling was a fine art. This will be a dual draft of 22 rounds, picking both a Test and ODI team. Minimum of 1 Test in the 80s or 90s for the Test team and similarly 1 ODI in the 80s or...
  9. Himannv

    Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies

    Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies Duckies In A Row 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. Chris Woakes 08. 09. 10. 11. Muttiah Muralitharan 12. 13. 14. 15. President: LV Himann Batting Coach: Donald D. Uck Bowling Coach: Daff Y'duck Hot Physio: Becky Quack Head Cheerleader: Jemima Puddleduck...
  10. Himannv

    Scorecard Draft II (Voting Thread)

    honestbharani Sunil Gavaskar* Eddie Barlow Everton Weekes Sachin Tendulkar Patsy Hendren Doug Walters Alec Stewart+ Alan Davidson Hugh Trumble Ken Higgs Bill Bowes 12th Man: Bill Voce Detailed Lineup: http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/cricket-chat/52148-scorecard-draft-ii-60.html#post2633449...
  11. Himannv

    Sangakkara - Corrupt SLC

    I think this is common knowledge in Sri Lanka but its surprising that he has made it aware to the world like this. I wonder if this will result in positive changes or whether it will end up being detrimental to Sanga's career. Most likely to be the latter IMO. Kumar Sangakkara slams corrupt...
  12. Himannv

    Scorecard Draft II

    Been a while since the last draft now so thought I'd start up one. Ideally would prefer 12 participants so that everyone gets a chance of being first and last. One of the better drafts that we've had I reckon (well done to Joe for coming up with it) although we did get bogged down in the 1800's...
  13. Himannv

    GaBJs Cricket Club

    Club Name: Good at BJ's Cricket Club Club Location: Kneeling somewhere Club Motto: "We suck more than you" Team: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. VVS Laxman 06. AB de Villiers 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. Reserves: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. Team manager: Himannv "the Magnificient" Team waterboy: Himannv "the Damp"...
  14. Himannv

    Kumar Sangakkara Retires as Captain

    News just flooding in. Kumar Sangakkara has just handed in his resignation as captain of Sri Lanka. Was on radio minutes back.