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Search results

  1. FaaipDeOiad

    Australian TV coverage

    Am I right in gathering that SBS aren't showing most of the games live this year? So the only option is paying a billion dollars a month for Setanta? FMD.
  2. FaaipDeOiad

    Send-offs and Sledging

    After Tea today in the Australia-Pakistan test, Aamer bowled a great spell in which he picked up a couple of wickets and bowled some pretty testing stuff at Watson, who didn't get out. During the spell he gave Watson the occasional golf clap, blew him kisses after bouncers, stopped in the middle...
  3. FaaipDeOiad

    20/20 Rugby League?

    Having read Wright's sensational thread, I've thought on the issue of reduced length formats a bit and come up with a related idea. 20/20 Rugby League For those like myself who find the world's second slowest football code rather dull, I thought we could spice up the matches a bit with an...
  4. FaaipDeOiad

    Best bottom four batsmen?

    Given the remarkable strength of the Australian lower order at the moment, I thought this was an interesting topic. A lot of teams have good batsmen at 8 and 9, but in test cricket the bottom two tend to be a big drop off from that. I remember some lower orders in ODIs where almost everyone...
  5. FaaipDeOiad


    Figured these games deserved a thread, as the first one starts tonight between England and Bermuda. Don't think many of them are being shown on TV here though, just Australia and England on the 10th. Got a feeling England might win tonight.
  6. FaaipDeOiad

    How many for Ponting?

    Ricky Ponting currently has 524 runs this Ashes series, and barring two horrible tests he'll pass 600 pretty easily. This has only been done 17 times in Ashes history, and 7 of those series involved more than 5 tests. Any guesses as to how high he'll finish? My guess is 5th place, between 750...
  7. FaaipDeOiad

    Comparing the series

    With the result of this Ashes series decided, how do people feel it compares to the 2005 Ashes in terms of the standard of the cricket played? Note that I'm not asking about the level of competetition or the quality of the matches, because it's no contest. Only one of the three tests so far...
  8. FaaipDeOiad

    Trolls and Moderation Policies

    This is an issue that's been bugging me for a while, and presumably some other people, and I figured a site discussion thread is the best way to air it. A month or two back we went through a period in which a number of posters copped bans and warning and so on in what was apparently a major...
  9. FaaipDeOiad

    ABC 2 - Late Night Legends

    Was going to mention this in the Madras Magic thread, but it seemed worthy of its own. For anyone who has it, ABC 2 will be showing a heap of archive cricket footage from 11pm to 1am, almost every night in the Ashes. I didn't notice it until now, but it's already into the second week of...
  10. FaaipDeOiad

    Michael Hussey - best ODI batsman in the world?

    Do people here think it's fair to call him the best in the world yet? After today's unbelievable innings, I think it's hard to find comparisons for him any more. Obviously there's some parts of the world he hasn't played in yet and some bowlers he hasn't faced, but I think that, with the...
  11. FaaipDeOiad

    Dean Jones sacked for racist remark

    Dean Jones sacked. Surprised this didn't have a thread yet. I must admit, my first reaction on reading the news was to laugh, simply because it's such a stupid and typically Dean Jones thing to do, but really he had to be dismissed for it. One would imagine it was an in-joke of sorts with the...
  12. FaaipDeOiad

    Whose failure are you supporting?

    It's World Cup tradition to pick a first team and a second team to support, and everyone has a favourite underdog, but which team are you watching in the hope that they are horribly belted and leave the pitch already making a noose from their shoelaces? For me it's the USA comfortably. I'm...
  13. FaaipDeOiad

    CW Snooker

    Fuller & Murphy productions bring you: CW Snooker. Those interested will compete for the prestigious Rhett Biglands Trophy, in an online snooker tournament over at www.gamedesire.com. Those not interested will ignore the thread. If you suck at snooker, don't worry, because you don't actually...
  14. FaaipDeOiad

    FIFA Rankings?

    I've been meaning to ask about this, but why exactly are Mexico and the USA ranked in the top 5 on the FIFA world rankings? Are they really that good, or is it an anomaly caused by the amount of international football played in that region or something? I haven't seen either team play since the...
  15. FaaipDeOiad

    Trophy cabinet thread?

    After having a bit of a look around today and not being able to find anything comparable, I think it'd be good if we had a thread stickied here or in the statistics subforum with basic information about the outcome of each dev league season. It could include who won the trophy and the...
  16. FaaipDeOiad

    Most likely source for an upset?

    Since this is one of the most intriguing elements of each World Cup, I figured it deserved a thread of its own. For me the most likely source is definately Bangladesh. They have a decent number of hit-or-miss yet dangerous ODI players like Mortaza, Ashraful, Aftab Ahmed and such, and in a group...
  17. FaaipDeOiad

    Wasim says ICC is run by whites

    http://cricket.expressindia.com/fulleistory.php?content_id=59683 Haven't seen a thread on this yet, and it seemed significant enough to warrant one. What are people's thoughts on his comments? Personally, I have to say I think they're not only totally inaccurate, but rather out of line as...
  18. FaaipDeOiad

    Caption? Flintoff.

    I'm not sure how captionable this is, but for some reason the picture really freaked me out after I looked at it for long enough.
  19. FaaipDeOiad

    Martyn dropped from test squad

    Well there doesn't seem to be a thread for this yet, so I thought I should start one. Hayden was also dropped from the ODI squad, and Gillespie and Kasprowicz from both, all of which are understandable, but Martyn was, prior to the Ashes series, one of the best batsmen in the world, and...
  20. FaaipDeOiad

    Caption: Pietersen and Tremlett

    This was a must.