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Search results

  1. Lostman

    **Official** Pakistan and Sri Lanka in UAE

    Tour Fixtures 1st Test: Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Abu Dhabi Oct 18-22, 2011 (10:00 local | 06:00 GMT | 02:00 EDT | 01:00 CDT | 23:00 PDT) 2nd Test: Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Dubai (DSC) Oct 26-30, 2011 (10:00 local | 06:00 GMT | 02:00 EDT | 01:00 CDT | 23:00 PDT) 3rd Test: Pakistan v Sri...
  2. Lostman

    official WC kits

    Anyone know where you can get official WC kits? Preferably before Saturday, have something coming up.:happy:
  3. Lostman

    Pie Chuckers: 2010 edition

    Harbhajan Singh is currently the active leading wicket taker. No ATG bowlers are currently playing. So far there is only one great bowler currently playing who has a chance of being an ATG. (Steyn) One good bowler in Swann. Zaheer Khan whenever he is fit to play is decent. Morkel is decent as...
  4. Lostman

    Cricket induced early midlife crisis.

    With Murali's retirement there is no one left in the SL side from my first childhood memories of cricket. From Int. cricket all I have left is Tendulkar (and I heard he is been giving out blood, don't know how much longer he will last:ph34r:) (Small chance might have Jayasuriya and Murali for...
  5. Lostman

    Kumar Sangakkara- rank him

    Where does he rank? SL don't play enough tests, so he might not make 10K, but his numbers are right up there. Currently 32yrs old- 88 matches-7549 runs@ 55. As not keeper- 40 matches-4432 runs @ 74:blink: As keeper- 48 matches- 3117 runs @ 40 @ home- 49 matches- 4233 runs @ 60 away- 39...
  6. Lostman

    embed videos

    How do you embed videos in a message? Can you do it, or do you need to edit any BB codes.
  7. Lostman

    Sanath Jayasuriya....

    Howard has got nothing on this. WTF WTFX2 Will likely win in his hometown. Minister Jayasuriya opening the batting and will be facing Dale Steyn in the 20/20 WC. I wonder if anyone is going to sledge a politician?:laugh:
  8. Lostman

    World Cup-1992?

    Stupid thing I had occasionally thought of but never got an answer. Anyone know why the WC was scheduled for 92 instead of 91. 5 yrs from 87 instead of 4. I am guessing then to bring it back to schedule 99 was scheduled after 3 years?:)
  9. Lostman

    Sangakarra to be named SL captain

    SL captaincy not much of a surprise on this, it would probably be more interesting to see who gets the vice captaincy. None of the younger players have established themselves yet.
  10. Lostman

    Kumar Dharmasena- The umpire

    this is going to be interesting. Link What do you guys think about this? He is going to be umpiring in games that his former teammates are playing in. Jayasuriya, Murali, Jayawardena, Sangakarra, Dilshan and if Vaas/Fernando is selected, it would mean up to 7 former teammates. Should be...
  11. Lostman

    Prediction thread

    Since I love looking through old prediction threads, thought it would be neat to keep a track of some players today. Most of the prediction threads i came across were for a particular series, not a general career statistics that I am going for. here goes, Mendis statistics as of 1/6/09. Mat...
  12. Lostman

    Mahela Jayawardene-100 tests

    Congrats to Jayawardene on playing 100 tests. Sangakarra has a nice article on him on cricinfo, as well as an interview Destined to rewrite all records Interview I first saw Mahela bat during a SL "A" game vs. West Indian A side at the SSC, and even during that time it seemed that everyone...
  13. Lostman

    SL in SA?

    Anyone know when SL's next test tour to SA is? tried finding it on Cricinfo but couldnt.
  14. Lostman

    Man of the Series

    Is the man of the series decided before the semifinals or after the finals?
  15. Lostman

    I love Bangladesh!!

    Iam sorry but i had to make a new thread for this. http://img74.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bangsaob3.png Just regretting that i was such a cheap bastard and put only $5 instead of the $10 i was planning on. I had put $10 on Bangladesh beating India(9/1), so all together they made me a nice...
  16. Lostman


    hereby to be called Underdog Day http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ci/content/current/story/149584.html http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/wc2007/engine/current/match/247465.html http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/wc2007/engine/current/match/247464.html :cool: