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  1. Dasa


    Something I've been wondering now that there are a few threads for posting Youtube videos, has any thought been given to implementing BB code so that videos can be easily embedded in posts? I've seen some other forums where you can use [ youtube ] [ /youtube] tags with the Youtube movie code...
  2. Dasa

    Ashes may be it for Warne

    Ashes may be it for Warne.
  3. Dasa

    Neutral Venues

    India look to play at neutral venues Today India, tomorrow the world Cricinfo staff March 29, 2006 The Indian cricket board (BCCI) has announced that India could soon be playing home matches at a number of overseas venues as far a field as the USA, Malaysia and England. The BCCI said that...
  4. Dasa

    Men only?

    Choice of woman to help coach causes stir By John Townsend October 14, 2005 FAST bowling coaches are astounded and angry that Australian women's team player Cathryn Fitzpatrick is assisting coach John Buchanan before the Test against the World XI starting in Sydney today. Reacting rapidly to...
  5. Dasa

    Wickets/Runs vs Runs/Wickets

    Why is the notation for writing the team score different in Australia? As far as I know, all other Test (I'm not sure about NZ) nations write their scores as say.. 129/7, whereas here we write it as 7/129...Does anyone know why this is so?
  6. Dasa

    Hayden calls subcontinental batsmen 'selfish'

    Hayden slams 'selfish' one-day bats By Trevor Marshallsea Amsterdam August 24, 2004 Source: The Age Matthew Hayden believes too many subcontinental players bat too selfishly for their team's good, and that this helps explain Australia's recent dominance over India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in...
  7. Dasa

    Current third-best spinner?

    Who would currently be the third-best spin bowler in the world? I think it's a given that Murali and Warne are in a league of their own, so who would come in at number 3? In my opinion, on current form, it would be Kumble, however, a case could be made for MacGill. Can't really think of any...