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    Most iconic moments of the decade

    A thread to post what your highlights of the decade were. You don't have to have been at the ground, but relived the experience through TV Not in chronological order and I've narrowed it down to 5 Peter Siddle hat-trick (Ashes 2010/11) Mitchell Johnson overall performance (Ashes 2013/14) Dale...
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    Criteria for selection

    Are we at time in cricket where one gets selected just as much for his off-field traits (good bloke around the dressing room etc) and "personality" as opposed to being picked on merit? Obviously guys like Maxwell and Dernbach are prime examples of this, to a lesser extent Bopara too . Could it...
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    What bat do you use?

    http://www.files2net.com/files/215085918/GN Lazer.jpg Got this beauty for under £200 last August, a really exceptional bat IMO and pretty reasonably priced, also what weight do you roughly like your bat to be? Mine is 2.9lbs.
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    Is Ross Taylor being overhyped as a Test player?

    I mean the guy's had one good series and I've heard from some quarters that he's supposedly NZ's best batsman ahead of Oram and Vettori. :blink: Plus his god awful technique that will be exposed by every left armer in test cricket, I was basically cringing when Sidebottom was bowling to him...
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    Mental Side of Cricket

    This may be a tough question to answer but have a look... I'm a leg spin bowler who excels at net practise as I don't feel pressure bowlingat some very good players who I can regulary dismiss. I'm usually selected for matches on the back of my net performances but haven't really excelled for...
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    Was bowling in the indoor nets yesterday (I bowl leg spin) and after a couple of overs bowling the ball suddenly started to curve massively into the batsmen and obviously spun away from him which meant he basically couldn't lay a bat on it. What is curve down to?
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    Australian Open Predictions Thread

    Day 1 - worth 1 point Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA) v Andy Murray (GBR) (9) Viktor Troicki (SRB) v Rafael Nadal (ESP) (2) Andy Roddick (USA) (6) v Lukas Dlouhy (CZE) Richard Gasquet (FRA) (8) v Nick Lindahl (AUS) Paul Capdeville (CHI) v Brydan Klein (AUS) Michael Llodra (FRA) v Nikolay...
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    What will become of Dwayne Bravo?

    The man burst on to the scene in England with his enthuiasim, ability to break and partnership and make valuble runs. Is this a player who's obvious love of the game makes up for his averageish figures and who will be in the team alone on his personality and not skill with bat and ball? I've...
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    How come...

    I've noticed that some people post messages but it says they are logged off, how can you do this :unsure:. The likes of Perm and SJS to name a couple aren't online while posting.
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    Football on YouTube

    Post all the different videos that can be found on YouTube here.
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    Twenty20 WC Round 15 South Africa v England

    South Africa v England at Cape Town on 15th September BST: 17.00 Tips to be in by 15.00 BST please. :)
  12. P

    Twenty20 WC Round 14 Australia v Bangladesh

    Austalia v Bangladesh at Cape Town on 15th September BST: 13.00 Tips to be in by 11.00 BST please. :)
  13. P

    Twenty20 WC Round 13 New Zealand v India

    New Zealand v India at Johannesburg on 15th September BST: 9.00 Tips to be in by 7.00 BST please. :)
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    Twenty20 WC Round 10 India v Pakistan

    India v Pakistan at Durban on 14th September BST: 17.00 Tips to be in by 15.00 BST please. :)
  15. P

    Twenty20 WC Round 9 Australia v England

    Australia v England at Cape Town on 14th September BST: 13.00 Tips to be in by 11.00 BST please. :)
  16. P

    Twenty20 WC Round 8 Sri Lanka v Kenya

    Sri Lanka v Kenya at Johannesburg on 14th September BST: 9.00 Tips to be in by 7.00 BST please. :)
  17. P

    Twenty20 WC Round 7 India v Scotland

    India v Scotland at Durban on 13th September BST: 17.00 Tips to be in by 15:00 BST please. :)
  18. P

    Twenty20 WC Round 6 West Indies v Bangladesh

    West Indies v Bangladesh at Johannessburg on 13th September BST: 9.00 Tips to be in by 7:00 BST please. :)
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    Twenty20 WC Round 5 Zimbabwe v England

    Zimbabwe v England at Cape Town on 13th September BST: 13:00 Tips to be in by 11:00 BST please. :)
  20. P

    Twenty20 WC Round 4 Pakistan v Scotland

    Pakistan v Scotland at Durban on 12th September BST 13:00 Tips in by 11:00 BST please. :)