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Search results

  1. Burgey

    The "Also Rans" Poster Draft

    The following are obviously exempt from this draft as they are ATGs of the forum whose contributions and consistent excellence make them beyond reproach. Keep in mind that at th ATG level there is very little between these posters, each of whom are rightly rated enormously highly. CW ATG 1st XI...
  2. Burgey

    Shane Warne dead at 52

    True. Management released a statement. Of a heart attack
  3. Burgey

    Vale Rod Marsh

    Most CWers would be aware Rod Marsh had a heart attack last week. This morning it's confirmed the great man has passed away at 74. If you grew up watching and loving cricket in the 70s and 80s, Marsh was a massive part of the Chappell era and was quintessentially a 70s Aus cricketer. 355 test...
  4. Burgey

    ***Official*** Sri Lanka in Australia (T20s) Feb 2022

    Let this yawn-fest begin. At least it's international cricket, I guess, after the cowardly NZ team wouldn't tour in the face of a head cold. Fixtures: 11 Feb 2022 7.10pm AEDT - 1st T20 @ the SCG, Driver Avenue, Moore Park NSW 2021. 13 Feb 2022 7.10pm AEDT - 2nd T20 @ the SCG, Driver Avenue...
  5. Burgey

    Gnske's New Avatar

    A thing of such beautifully crafted sublime beauty I have never seen before.
  6. Burgey

    Predictions Thread

    Winner Scoreline Most runs Most wickets Compton-Miller Medal Surprise packet (g00d) Surprise packet (bad) Players to get a call up/ dayboo Players to get dropped/ R E S T E D E S T E D Random prediction
  7. Burgey

    Pat Cummins receives highest honour in world cricket - Australian Test Captaincy

    No real surprise. Hope he goes well. A lion-hearted champion. TPC as deputy. Love a redemption arc 5-0 Australia.
  8. Burgey

    Vale John Cornell

    At 80. Normally wouldn't post about the death of an old comedian in CC, but his role in making WSC happen was ground breaking. Albeit more famous as Strop, Paul Hogan's offsider, he was instrumental in WSC happening. Also responsible for generations of ear worms by telling Kerry Packer he...
  9. Burgey

    40 years since Botham’s Ashes

    The Times has a great article by Mike Atherton in which he talks with Mike Brearley about the 81 Ashes. Well worth a read. Link here: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/heroes-of-81-the-ashes-series-where-legends-were-made-vcqnmnfrg
  10. Burgey

    Stuart MacGill kidnapped

    Not something you expect to read happening on the mean streets of Cremorne. Glad he’s apparently safe and well. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.smh.com.au/national/nsw/former-australian-cricketer-stuart-macgill-allegedly-kidnapped-and-threatened-at-gunpoint-20210505-p57ozz.html
  11. Burgey

    Why Boxing Day is the best day of the year

    Happy Boxing Day! The greatest day of the year, and here’s why (all starting times AEDT): 8:00 - breakfast of Xmas left overs incl baked ham (vegos can suck it) 8:30 - NZ v Pakistan 1st test 10:30 - Aus v India 2nd test 12:30 - lunch of Xmas leftovers and booze (optional) together with backyard...
  12. Burgey

    2nd T20 at Sydney 6 December 2020

    May as well start this off
  13. Burgey

    1st T20 at Canberra, 4 December 2020

    Second and third games to follow in Sydney on 6 & 8 December.
  14. Burgey

    2nd ODI at Sydney, 29 November 2020

    Let’s get it going.
  15. Burgey

    How good was Sehwag?

    Top shelf I reckon.
  16. Burgey

    Slow clap....

    To the mods for closing the offending thread in CC after a ****ing day of piling on. You blokes are completely ****ed in the head and have not a sliver of common sense, character or perspective about you. Not one. Too busy pandering to the brain dead cabal to do your ****ing jobs Honestly...
  17. Burgey

    Progressive team of the series

    As at day three, fourth test: Burns Some bloke off the street walking past with his dog Root Smith.exe Labuschagne Stokes Bairstow Cummins Broad Lyon Hazlewood 12th: Archer
  18. Burgey

    Australian intra-squad warm up game 23-26 August, The rose Bowl, Southampton

    Ridiculously titled the "Haddin XI v Hick XI", presumably one side will try to bomb someone over long off with the score at 5/18 while the other will never reach its potential, but look a million bucks doing so.