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Search results

  1. Burgey

    ... And the Speedarm

    Yeah but the guys doing that have been using them for ages You need to find a way to get a repeatable way of landing it, then just build on it once you've got that down pat. They're loads of fun. Just go down to the nets by yourself and practice for a half hour or so at a time and you'll get...
  2. Burgey

    *official* Australia tour of sri Lanka

    Like a loose Malinga. Think the radar gun may have been a little miscalibrated on the first ball in the montage which began dying on its way to the keeper who wasn't too far back despite being bowled at *checks notes* 175kph. .
  3. Burgey

    ... And the Speedarm

    Stop trying to throw it so hard and essentially flick your wrist rather than start with it back behind your ear like you would with a normal throwing action. It takes some time to get used to them but once you do you'll terrorize blokes,. Will be awesome.
  4. Burgey

    The Golf Thread

    They're both pretty decent tracks aren't they? Have you played Ocean Shores at all? Good to hear they've held up ok despite all the rain .
  5. Burgey

    Boxing thread

    Canelo-GGG III in September will be hire the event.
  6. Burgey

    Graham Thorpe Seriously ill

    It’s got one
  7. Burgey

    BBB: Best Bangladeshi Batsman

    Sometimes it's a pretty significant burden to carry if you're the only genuine class player in your side. You might argue if he had better platforms set, he might have averaged a few points more which would have had him right among the discussion with the more recent blokes.
  8. Burgey

    Graham Thorpe Seriously ill

    You really need to have a breather mate.
  9. Burgey

    BBB: Best Bangladeshi Batsman

    I don't understand why you're being so snarky here. I don't think poorly of Bangladesh as a cricket nation. I don't think about them at all.
  10. Burgey

    Don Bradman

    dId NoThInG oN tHe SuBcOnTiNeNt
  11. Burgey

    The American and Australian politics threads

    Your face is odd.
  12. Burgey

    BBB: Best Bangladeshi Batsman

    Gee it's a real crack field, isn't it?
  13. Burgey

    Question on ban announcements

  14. Burgey

    Andrew Symonds dies in car accident

    Nah I wasn't referring to your post, was some earlier ones suggesting he was pissed (without any evidence) and slippy's suggesting his death had been faked (one of the worst posts in CW history).
  15. Burgey

    Andrew Symonds dies in car accident

    People making suppositions about the bloke's driving like he was an L plater ffs. The bloke was in his mid-40s and drove on country roads all the time. It takes literally less than a half-a-second's inattentiveness to cause a serious accident. It can be anything from checking your phone, over...
  16. Burgey

    Andrew Symonds dies in car accident

    It really isn't, the post from jayjay was plainly an attempt to suggest something untoward without any evidence at all. He's just being a turd, like slippy was the other day. The idea people just don't run off the road for a variety of reasons is stupid and the sort of brain dead thought bubble...
  17. Burgey

    The "Also Rans" Poster Draft

    A few more nominations required yet. I'll leave this open a while longer to allow more nominations to roll in.
  18. Burgey

    Andrew Symonds dies in car accident

    Imagine the outrage if if someone had posted this in response to, say Yuvraj Singh's diagnosis? Genuinely one of the worst posts in CW history.
  19. Burgey

    Andrew Symonds dies in car accident

    How good an all round fielder was he? Was weird he never caught especially well in the slips, but that aside he was as good as anyone really. Rocket arm, fantastic athleticism, speed and terrific hands too. That odi ring cordon Aus had of Symonds, Ponting, Clarke and Hussey was next level in its...
  20. Burgey

    Andrew Symonds dies in car accident

    Wtf is this