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  1. WalkingWicket

    Is Stuart Broad that good?

    Browsing through 'current World XI' and a whole number of people are nominating Broad for one of the best in the world at the moment. Is that right? Is he really that good? IMO, his 8-15 was more of a collective Aussie brainfade rather than any particular Broad magic, and it just happened be in...
  2. WalkingWicket

    Pick the Other Guys' Team Draft - Voting Thread

    Standard voting procedures, everyone has 3 votes, vote for the strongest team etc. Teams AgentTBY XI 1. Virender Sehwag 2. Justin Langer 3. George Headley 4. Walter Hammond* (5) 5. Javed Miandad 6. Dean Jones 7. Kamran Akmal + 8. Ray Lindwall (1) 9. Brett Lee (3) 10. Gus Fraser (2) 11...
  3. WalkingWicket

    What are you looking forward to?

    Title says it all really. What are you looking forward to, particularly, in this World Cup? Players, games, groups etc. On a home front, I'm looking forward to seeing our outside backs playing, namely May and Watson. This could be Watson's real breakthrough into a Lions-quality winger. Jonny...
  4. WalkingWicket

    Pick the Other Guys' Team Draft

    OK, we've got XI drafters, which is perfect. WalkingWicket KingKallis AgentTBY Howe_Zat Red Hill Schearzie AndyZaltzHair ankitj Morgieb NUFAN Michaelf7777777 Drafters 11 drafters First Round is a normal draft. You pick a player. For the next 10 rounds, you pick a player for a different...
  5. WalkingWicket

    Draft Idea - Feedback Appreciated

    Hey guys, I had an idea for a Draft whilst I was on vacation and I want to stake it out first because it might not work. Partly Anyway, the idea is as follows. It's title would be something along 'Pick the Other Guy's Team Draft'. 11 drafters First round is like an normal Draft - you pick a...
  6. WalkingWicket

    Cricket What-Ifs

    Now, I know these kind of things serve no purpose other than sheer amusement and speculation, but I'm always a fan of a bit of alternate history and the what-not, so here goes. What if Emily Bradman had a bit of a headache 9 months prior to the 27th August 1908 and little Don had never been...
  7. WalkingWicket

    General World Cup Predictions thread

    What it says on the tin...make your predictions for any element of the World Cup: winner, runner-up, worst performing team, highest run-scorer etc. My various predictions... Winner: Australia, or possibly India Runner-up: India, or New Zealand. England Award for the Worst Performance: England...
  8. WalkingWicket

    Chinaman: Advice, Tips, etc.

    Hey all, I've been bowling Left Arm (Unorthodox) Wrist Spin, or more colloquially 'Chinaman', for a few years now, and don't seem to be getting very far. I'm capable of hitting out of two of three things most balls: 1) Turn, 2) Line, 3) Length (i.e. I can get a ball on the right length and to...
  9. WalkingWicket

    Cook: Yes or no?

    We all know that Alastair Cook has been under significant flak from both the fans and the media in regards to continuing on as England's ODI captain, but I want to know the forum's opinions. I used to be a big Cook fan - but since he demonstrated that he's an outdated player and captain in a...