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Search results

  1. Kippax

    *Official* 2022 New Zealand Tour of England, Ireland, Scotland & Netherlands

    Early tour game live video scorecards: http://live.nvplay.com/ecb/#
  2. Kippax

    Final Vote on NZ First-Class Draft Format

    @vandem @Chewie @NZTailender @Prince EWS @ataraxia @straw man @Bahnz @Flem274* @Athlai
  3. Kippax

    NZ first-class draft: Who should be the reserve graders?

    Pick four who should try to enhance their credentials in a second-tier development league.
  4. Kippax

    Preferred first-class draft format?

    @vandem @Chewie @NZTailender @Bahnz @Flem274* @ataraxia @straw man @Athlai @Prince EWS
  5. Kippax

    2022-2023 New Zealand First-Class Draft

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vryyoAsgYGaWuc_G4qONTLFSiY23VwJ4_MqN0o03DtQ/edit#gid=0 Vandem (2022 winner) Ataraxia (2021 winner) Chewie (2019 winner) Prince EWS NZT (yet to commit) Bahnz Straw Man Flem274* Athlai Braai Guys May 2022 - March 2023: NZ vs. Sussex NZ vs. First-Class...
  6. Kippax

    2021/22 New Zealand First-Class Season Draft

    Look for this to be chiefly Vandem's baby with all its spreadsheet work this season (if he wants it) but I'll also help out a bit with updates. Possibly making a jokey entry as Braai Guys rather than myself. First in, first served. More than nine entrants will split it into two divisions. Wary...
  7. Kippax

    2021 English First-Class Season Draft (June-October, seeking four players)

    Any takers for this? The first match to count would be the first Test vs. New Zealand. I'm seeking a lighter tallying burden than the usual NZ first-class draft I help to run on here, so I'd limit it to 2-4 others and myself. We could always expand it if someone really doesn't mind the online...
  8. Kippax

    New Zealand 'A' 2020/21 Thread

    This original post is quite late to the party, but John Davies Oval laid on a pretty tepid one last week for a chap who'd just spent $640k doing up his backyard.
  9. Kippax

    2020/21 New Zealand Domestic Season

    Our annual first-class draft thread: http://www.cricketweb.net/forum/threads/2020-21-new-zealand-first-class-season-draft-division-1.83650/ A NZ cricket injury and eligibility sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pdOJbZnqGivFCLufyvawEVuHwh4FFbtMt_AZBv_oCjQ/edit#gid=0
  10. Kippax

    2020/21 New Zealand First-Class Season Draft (Division 2)

    Howsie, Athlai and NZT will be in here, if keen. Also open to up to three prompt entries. Just a Hong Kong Sixes format I think this year, as all the tallying got on top of me last season with just Vandem pitching in. A team of six, with up to four to come in off your bench for...
  11. Kippax

    2020/21 New Zealand First-Class Season Draft (Division 1)

    Eligible for Division 1 (if they choose to play again): Kippax, Chewie, Flem274*, Bahnz, Vandem, Straw Man I have no definite Plunket Shield schedule to give you here, but it's getting to where we'll just have to wing it this season. I've heard Round 1 begins October 19, four successive rounds...
  12. Kippax

    Devon Conway: Why He Wasn't a Star from 2010-2017

    Here's a 2010 article (now behind a paywall) from a cricket writer who was hugely partial to Conway from early on. I'm looking for someone with a Cricket Archive subscription who'd like to do me a huge favour and post some of those old Lions and Dolphins four-day scorecards from 2010-2017...
  13. Kippax

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2019/20

    Looks like Adithya Ashok will understandably be a bit of a spare part vs. Bangladesh U19 on very early season New Zealand pitches, but it's not because of the erratic pitch maps you'd associate with a 16-year-old wrist spinner. I think Wiseman was probably right about him growing up to be pretty...
  14. Kippax

    2019/20 New Zealand First-Class Season Draft (Division 2)

    Okay to give this division a slight point of difference and maybe attract some double-dippers from Division 1, points hauls in Tests will be given a 1.3x prestige bonus. Probably quite rightly too, given the difficulty of the 2019/20 Test assignments. Six spots open to prompt entries, Vandem...
  15. Kippax

    2019/20 New Zealand First-Class Season Draft (Division 1)

    Exempt via their placing last season, if they elect to play again: Chewie, Kippax, Howsie. Three spots in Division 1 are open to prompt entries. If there's an overflow of two or more, I'll start a Division 2 thread. Test matches: England (2, late Nov), Australia away (3, Dec-Jan), India (2...
  16. Kippax

    ***Official*** Under-19 Internationals Thread

    Good idea from GoodAreasShane.
  17. Kippax

    ***Official*** New Zealand Domestic Season 2018/19

    Auckland 21/3 after 4 against the Titans in Abu Dhabi. I'm going to stick with it for the one innings of Finn Allen's in the UAE I'm going to get this month (via a JAM T20 comp, not via NZC). "He's got to stay there, he looks a pretty good batsman" - Brian Lara.
  18. Kippax

    2018/19 New Zealand First-Class Season Draft

    Test matches Pakistan away (3), Sri Lanka (2), Bangladesh (3) Plunket Shield Reduced to eight rounds. Oct (2), Dec (2), Feb-Mar (4) NZA: Pakistan A (2), India A (3) Note: The players chosen for November's four-dayers against India A have a slight advantage from a scheduling point of view. For...
  19. Kippax

    Kippax's Firebirds and Wellington Club Cricket Thread

    Contributing four players to the latest New Zealand U19 squad suggests I should really start overseeing an earnest little ****er of a thread like this. That lengthy period of adopting an 'everything's a big self-sabotaging, self-parodying joke' mentality with Wellington is potentially over. All...
  20. Kippax

    ***Official*** New Zealand in India ODIs/T20Is 2017

    NZ v Indian Board President's XI Tuesday, 17 October 2017 4:30pm (NZ Time)–Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai One Day Warm-Up-Match NZ v Indian Board President's XI Thursday, 19 October 2017 4:30pm (NZ Time)–Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai One Day Warm-Up-Match NZ v India Sunday, 22 October 2017 9:00pm (NZ...