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Search results

  1. uvelocity

    Rip spikey

    “I’d like to think that I was able to squeeze as much juice out of my orange as I could. For a bloke with minimal talent and no shots, I leave the game pretty content. “The time is right.”
  2. uvelocity

    helmets park cricket

    just occurred to me to ask this, i play park its pretty dangerous. in our rulebook it says from 2019 all bats and keepers up to the stumps as well as short legs etc have to wear helmets. is that in everyone elses rule books too?
  3. uvelocity

    found spikeys youtoob

    Finally tried nutella today! - YouTube
  4. uvelocity

    cw umpire watch

    1) knows a fair bit about a number of countries international cricketers 2) posts in match threads but misses posting during the day's play 3) gives posters the benefit of the doubt who among us may be an international umpire? #nameandshame #nohiding
  5. uvelocity


    I thought there was a thread on this but I couldn't find it I reckon the likes system has caused a drop in posts. not just the smiley posts, but someone would often quote a good post which would generate further posts, which has now turned into someone pressing like and no further discussion in...
  6. uvelocity

    official gsf thousandth thread

  7. uvelocity

    where to, gumshoe?

    Hello and welcome to ACME, I'm the Chief. But you can call me...well...'the Chief.'
  8. uvelocity

    Mitchell Johnson v Jaques Kallis

    The south african batting allrounder, with 166 tests and 325 odi's, and south africa's greatest ever player versus The australian fast bowler and capable number 8/9, with 57 tests and 136 odi's, widely ridiculed for most of his career before turning into a clover clad bowling prodigy...
  9. uvelocity

    *Official* Fifth Test at the SCG

    new years test if this t20 pitch is anything to go by, look out for a scg celebration of pace next week
  10. uvelocity

    *Official* NRL 2014

    i hate injuries, but moltzen out probably makes us a better team
  11. uvelocity


    How often cat-trick happens? Please tell me the probability of cat-tricks in Tests, 50-over games, 20-over games, or other.
  12. uvelocity

    Trick Question for Indians

    Q. Bay of Bengal is in which state? A: Liquid
  13. uvelocity

    is it worth clarkeh bowling in the poms 2nd dig

    risk his death to keep ashes alive imo
  14. uvelocity

    why does everyone hate jono?

    Obviously nobody is going to love him as much as he loves himself, but why all the ill-feeling?
  15. uvelocity

    Who's the one poster each country simply can't do without?

    Aus - burgey Eng - scaly India - Jono Pak - agent n Sl - someone help me out here forget his name makes 2 posts a year Zim - Chubb NZ - n/a all useless Bangers - daemon
  16. uvelocity

    englishman pulls his head in

  17. uvelocity

    when will benchmark00 return?

    north melbourne wins a premiership posters ask after him conclusion of 'battle of the best benchmark00 posts' thread never all those things above will happen at the same time