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Search results

  1. wellAlbidarned

    an ode to Neil Wagner

    to the tune of Katy Perry's "Roar" Verse I used to bowl it on a good length Pitch it up and hope that it swings Didn’t get many wickets Through good cricket Couldn’t hit the seam to save my life Southee thought I had a hot wife Being a third seamer Isn’t every bowlers dream Bridge I...
  2. wellAlbidarned

    The Pan Announcement Thread

  3. wellAlbidarned

    Unlimited coffee

    I stopped using adblock for cricketweb about six months ago and just today I started getting popup ads for coffee unique to CW. Not a fan of them but if there's an explanation behind them I'd like to hear it.
  4. wellAlbidarned

    What's your bowling "mantra"?

    In my efforts to become a reasonable club standard medium quick bowler one piece of advice that I've frequently come across is the need for a bowling "mantra" to fall back on when under the pump. Your mantra should be a single, simple thought which you know will help trigger the most important...
  5. wellAlbidarned

    Ignored posts are too intrusive

    So due to the lovely display of gentlemanly cricketing discussion that was is the Pak vs NZ in UAE thread I decided it was time to brush the dust of the Ignore list function, which I've used a grand total of once before. Instead of the blissful calm I was hoping for, I get lists and lists of...
  6. wellAlbidarned

    Greatest bowler of all time

    plz try to be impartial and discuss
  7. wellAlbidarned

    Does the back of a cricket bat need oiling?

    The bloke in the cricket store said don't bother, while all the GN and Kookaburra tutorials say yes. Clearly just a bit of a non-issue, but does anyone have further thoughts?
  8. wellAlbidarned

    New year, a new action - problems with straying down leg

    So after a horror half-season last year down to a number of factors but mostly due to a lack of a consistent and repeatable action, I've been at the nets alone trying to figure things out. I'm not generating much heat but it's only 2nds club stuff so swing and consistency are far more important...
  9. wellAlbidarned

    Starc vs Boult - who will have the better career?

    Battle of the cack-handed quickies, could be interesting to dig up later. Starc has more height and a spectacular inswinger, Boult has maybe touch more guile and variety at the stage. Who will go further in international cricket?
  10. wellAlbidarned

    Haven't been able to access CW for the past week

    Aaaand it's working again. Wouldn't work on any computer around my house, haven't changed any settings. Not sure about other people's connections, been in exam lockdown mode. Probably a problem with the ISP, but just checking to see if it wasn't something at the other end.
  11. wellAlbidarned

    Loss of bowling form - ideas?

    I've just lost it totally. In the nets I can bowl fairly quickly and accurately, but in actual game situations my confidence in my action seems to go out the window, turning into a medium pace scatter-gun. Anyone else had similar issues? Ideas on fixing it?
  12. wellAlbidarned

    Front-on bowling taking over

    I've always been under the impression that people consider side-on bowling to be the classical norm and ideal, with front-on being the exception, but that doesn't seem to be the case these days. Bowlers such as Lee, Steyn, Morkel, Broad, Anderson, Pattinson, Cummins, Harris, and countless others...
  13. wellAlbidarned

    Uploading GIF avatars - HOW?

    Alright so whenever I try to use a GIF from a website, it'll generally be too large so I'll have to edit it down a touch. That's not too much of a problem, but whenever I attempt to upload the edited file from my computer it just shows up as a still image, not an animation. Totally lost here...
  14. wellAlbidarned

    Mako cricket balls?

    Yeah, so I'm sick of bowling with my prehistoric fourpiece, want to go back to the good ol' days of seeing batsmen with brown stains while I run in (I'm 6 foot 3ish, bounce and jag newer balls pretty impressively.) :cool: So, I look up Trademe for cricket balls, and there's a bloke selling 156g...