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  1. Simon

    Rugby League Draft 2

    NRL season kicks off tonight, thought it would be a good time to have another go at a RL draft. Last one was for players from the 'modern era" this time is strictly for players between 1988-2010, don't like the rule then dont sign up to play. Looking for 8-12 people. 1. Simon 2. Brumby 3...
  2. Simon

    Available Players

    As has been mentioned the Cricketweb Under 19's will play some matches next month, I've put together the following list of all players available, if I've forgotten anyone who should be on here let me know. 19 year olds S Young (Blue) Opening Batsman BC Fitzsimmons (Colts) Opening...
  3. Simon

    Re-Launch of Under 19's Cricket

    In March we will be seeing the return of the Cricketweb Under 19's team, basically this will require the help of a couple of people mainly in the form of selectors and board members for this part of the game. Ideally someone will put their hand up to be the chairman of this and they will have...
  4. Simon

    *Official* England in Cricketweb Land February/March 2010

    Thats right folks, it has just been confirmed that England will arrive on our shores for a three test, five ODI and two T20I tour of the country. The matches will kick off Monday 15th February when they take on Cricketweb Blue in a three day game. Captains please note that any player picked to...
  5. Simon

    *Official* Grade Season XV

    I'm still trying to sort out someone to sim and post the grade stuff, until then I'll look after it because I want to get the competition started tomorrow. The following Dev League players will be competiting in the first half of the season: Campsfield Braves: Daniel Speirs (Black), Callum...
  6. Simon

    Captains - Nominate Grade Players

    If each of the Dev League captains could please nominate up to 9 players from your dev league squad to be eligible for Grade cricket for the first half of the season. Grade matches will be played on Non Dev League days so they will be eligible for both. There are no restrictions on who can play...
  7. Simon

    One Day Stats

    Because HODI only allows 16 players per team and players are likely to be moved in an out stats will have be manually saved, is anyone keen to help out by doing these for me? Could be a joint effort or something.
  8. Simon

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    First Class Schedule One Day Schedule Twenty20 Schedule - TBC
  9. Simon

    Possible Re-Launch of Grade

    At this stage we have 92 players signed up to Dev League teams, and with an odd number only 44 play on each match day. So ideally I'd like some sort of grade competiton to run so people who may not be first choice get a chance to play. Basically it could be tough for me to do everything with...
  10. Simon

    Dev League XV Friendlies

    Over the next week or so there will be some friendlies, all discussions and results etc... will be in this thread. Could captains please name their teams in the team naming thread. If you want any special orders such as bowling spells, agressions, declarations etc... please email them to...
  11. Simon

    Battle of the Tennis Hotties II

    We did this two years ago at Australian Open time, so thought now would be a good time to have another crack at it. Pretty simple, nominate your player(s) with pictures and if they get a second they are into the competition, will be looking for at least 16 but no more than 24. You can nominate...
  12. Simon

    Dev League Squads

    These are the current Dev League squads, existing players signing in will go to their old club all the way up until the end of the upcoming dev league season with no stats deduction. New players signing up will be drafted to teams depending on how many players teams have. Black (17) HT Davis...
  13. Simon

    6th Team Options?

    We have had this problem before and looks like it will be an issue again due to the odd number of teams. Aa far as I can see these are our choices, would love to hear about others that people have. 1.) One team having a bye each matchday, this is hugely undesirable. 2.) Call in an...
  14. Simon

    Rookie Signing Thread

    Now that we have 15 players per team players will be allocated via a draft. Currently we have 9 players unsigned and as Red has 15 players, after everyone has picked we will have 17 each. Some of these guys have been or will be inactive so its up to you to decide which way to pick. The order...
  15. Simon

    Uncontracted Players Signing Thread

    This is a list of players who are searching for clubs. What I'm going to do is allow captains to approach any players they may want to sign and if the players want to play for that club they agree to it in this thread. Currently needing players Blue - 0 players Red - 0 players Colts - 0...
  16. Simon

    *Official* Cricketweb XI in New Zealand December/January

    The new board of the Cricketweb XI has today finalised details with New Zealand Cricket for the upcoming tour of their country. It will be the first overseas tour for Cricketweb XI in nearly a year after backroom issues had clouded the future of this tiny nation. New chairman; former test...
  17. Simon

    Helping Out

    Most would be aware just how big of a job CWXI is, getting the game back to where it was or even close to that will require help as there is only so much one person can do. I've had contact with one or two people who can lend a hand where needed but I don't want to force anyone into doing...
  18. Simon

    Questions/Idea's/All That Stuff

    As from the sign-in thread If you guys have any suggestions or want to ask me about plans or the direction for the game this is where you should do it. At this stage we are looking for people to sign in and we'll go from there. Depending on who does and how many we get we can then move forward.
  19. Simon

    So Who Is Still Interested?

    As per this post Ive put together a few idea's in the past week and have been in contact with Liam today about taking over, he has given me a few pointers already and it's looking likely that I can commit to taking over CWXI at this stage. This thread is pretty much just seeing what sort of...
  20. Simon

    *Official* Season 3 WCC Awards Night

    Welcome all to the Third and final WCC awards night. With the recent news that World Club Cricket will not continue into the future this will be the last time we gather to celebrate the achievements of our stars. We'll get right into the awards with the WCC Rookie of the Year. As usual there...