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Search results

  1. ash chaulk


    testicals 1 2 3 testys 1 2... oh what fun it is to ride Toollooolah:ph34r:
  2. ash chaulk

    Most Dominating Club in Development League History?

    This season shapes up to be a big one with CW Black, CW Blue and CW Green going for more championships than anyone in the whole league. CW Black 2 FC Titles 2 OD Titles 2 Manuel Ramprakash Challenge Trophy 2 Chef de Groot Trophy 1 25Smash Bar Trophy CW Blue 2 FC Titles 2 OD Titles 2...
  3. ash chaulk

    Looser 8

    thus far PAKISTAN INDIA Netherlands Scotland Canada Bermuda Zimbabwe one too come. Who would win? im going with Canada
  4. ash chaulk

    Kiss me im Irish

  5. ash chaulk


    Ok so im playing ICC 2005 downloaded the latest patch and i use a laptop BUT after about 2-3 games ICC decides to shut down my computer. Has this happened to anyone else? oh and it isnt heat related because i have a cool pad under the laptop. cheaz
  6. ash chaulk


    Is he really a librarian or however you say it? also best looking cricketer with glasses while playing??? i think so
  7. ash chaulk


    why are sooo many people having birrthdays im pretty sure the inactive members never made this list before and it annoying me and it should annoy you james. because when my birthday comes along i expect a happy birthday. Mortycr (36), vinu thomas (35), Not_the_Chucker (34), byapti (34), jf2001...
  8. ash chaulk

    Lara Bingle ruins lives

    Bingle Lara Bingle worst woman ever, Not the hottest chick ever. Why Michael Clarke why? She will ruin you. WHYYYYYYYY
  9. ash chaulk


    available ATM Z Kaye, middle order, FC Bat - 50.3 OD bat - 35 looking for a Fast Bowler
  10. ash chaulk

    Dear bloggy

    Dear bloggaaaa, I now officially have the tallest/longest mo-hawk out of all the boizzzzzzz. BUT my hair is getting a lil too long. Now Mr Blog you know what they say about a tall mo-hawk yep thats right hair cut time. BUT you see its become my good luck charm, friday and saturday night is...
  11. ash chaulk

    Jokes on them

    good jokes i got Q. What do Geraint Jones and Michael Jackson have in common? A. They both wear gloves for no apparent reason Q. What is the height of optimism? A. An English batsman applying sunscreen. Q. What does Ashley Giles put in his hands to make sure the next ball almost...
  12. ash chaulk


    Ever thought of a colour change maybe from blue borders to say orange?
  13. ash chaulk

    *** and ****

    isnt *** filtered? EDIT: no its not
  14. ash chaulk

    West Coast Eagles

  15. ash chaulk

    Greater Robbham de Grooters

    Greater Robbham de Grooters: Ash Chaulk, Rob Dauth, Kenny Dobson, Rob Hing, Callum McKern, Mat Mitchell, Marc Robbins, Nick Scott Sukhvinder Singh, M.A. Broadbridge, J.W. Tebbut, Tariq Khan, E.E. Lucas and more Tebbut player of the future should be playing Development league within 2 seasons...
  16. ash chaulk


    How is the promotion/relegation working this year?
  17. ash chaulk

    Colts or Yellows

    What should they be....
  18. ash chaulk

    If you faced Shane Warne what would you do?

    Its a spinning wicket Warneys on fire and its the biggest hyped up match of your career do you: a) Sweep all day waiting for bad balls b) Go after him c) Taunt the man d) Block all day let someone else make the runs e) Give him the Cullinen Stance and try to hit against the spin Obviously...
  19. ash chaulk

    Where should i improve

    This is my starting XI what is the main area you guys think i should work on: David Elvins - 20 yo, BT Rating=37,602 LH Batsman, LH Spin Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, energetic A steady player with superb leadership skills and abysmal experience. Stamina: proficient...
  20. ash chaulk

    Battrick Hall of Fame

    Please Submit for the following Records (no friendlys): Best Batting Innings: Eddie Saunders (Got Spin) 240* Best Bowling Innings: Asqhar Majid (Vindscreen Vipers) 8-13 Catches: Tony Wheat (WCC) 153 Stumpings: Jason Wilkey (DCC) 26 Fifties: Andy Wainwright (Viveash) 22 Hundreds: Sol Cuss...