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Search results

  1. ash chaulk

    ***Official*** New Zealand in Australia 2011

    un bee lievable
  2. ash chaulk

    ***Official*** New Zealand in Australia 2011

    anyone for a Draw?
  3. ash chaulk

    ***Official*** New Zealand in Australia 2011

    just bash it Warner!
  4. ash chaulk

    A.F.L. Thread II

    A Mike Pyke fan from Greece woah!
  5. ash chaulk

    A.F.L. Thread II

    all i wanted was for my club to draft a skillful 18 year old who can hold a cricket bat and smashed it in a WAFL grandfinal
  6. ash chaulk

    A.F.L. Thread II

    hate the GWS Giants.
  7. ash chaulk

    Socceroos and Australian Football

    Publicity grab to get people to watch "history" Not a record that any code can compare themselves against imo.
  8. ash chaulk


    testicals 1 2 3 testys 1 2... oh what fun it is to ride Toollooolah:ph34r:
  9. ash chaulk

    *Official* CW XI Media Coverage

    gunna be fighting hard for a spot in the final squad just like the other 29 people :)
  10. ash chaulk

    *Official* Team Naming Thread

    cmon now borcich could even name a side with our squad and we'd beat anyone!
  11. ash chaulk

    The Black Thread

    batting at 4 in FC... havent done that before, top win though
  12. ash chaulk

    Haiti Charity Match?

  13. ash chaulk

    A.F.L Thread

    would have made Melb a bit of $$$ even if he became a mediocre player, kid is gunna whoop the comps a$$ ily NN
  14. ash chaulk

    *Official* Season XV Discussion and Results

    would never be run out IRL
  15. ash chaulk

    The Black Thread

  16. ash chaulk

    Dev League XV Friendlies

    ive made better double centuries in Oman.
  17. ash chaulk

    T20 Cup II: Availability Thread