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Search results

  1. Red_Ink_Squid

    *** Official *** County Cricket 2020

    Saw some of this earlier and he was batting really well. Middled several cover drives in non-archetypal Cook fashion.
  2. Red_Ink_Squid

    *** Official *** County Cricket 2020

    Hildreth has a hamstring injury apparently. Somerset top 5 looks light on experience without him.
  3. Red_Ink_Squid

    ********Official IPL 2020********

    I'm not watching but just the live score updates are entertaining at the mo.
  4. Red_Ink_Squid

    Cricket Kasoti

    11. Took more than 50 Test wickets?
  5. Red_Ink_Squid

    Cricket Kasoti

    17. Played majority of matches as designated wicketkeeper?
  6. Red_Ink_Squid

    Cricket Kasoti

    13. Taken >100 Test wickets?
  7. Red_Ink_Squid

    Cricket Kasoti

    I was just typing exactly this.
  8. Red_Ink_Squid

    Cricket Kasoti

    7. Took >50 Test wickets
  9. Red_Ink_Squid

    ***Official*** English Football Season 2020-21

    Messi still exists, but yeah agree Son's finishing is amazing, best in the Prem over the last few years now I think.
  10. Red_Ink_Squid

    More Centuries or More Wickets?

    I'd go for this too.
  11. Red_Ink_Squid

    Fantasy Premier League 2020/21

    Hmm. I do have a team already, but it is in my real name. Not sure if I'm more worried about folks here learning my real identity or my family and friends learning I have a cricketweb identity.* *It's definitely the second one.
  12. Red_Ink_Squid

    ****Official Australia in England 2020 (Non-Ashes)*****

    I knew Denly was a good pick. :ph34r:
  13. Red_Ink_Squid

    Posting from an Android Phone

    Just to add another voice, I've been getting the same problem with the enter key (backspace is fine for me). The keyboard disappears and I inevitably click on an ad link every time as I try and continue typing. Also on an android phone.
  14. Red_Ink_Squid

    ****Official Australia in England 2020 (Non-Ashes)*****

    Not the worst start from Archer that.
  15. Red_Ink_Squid

    End of the road for Bell?

    I think the 2013 series would be better remembered if it wasn't for the return Ashes in Oz happening just a few months later which was obviously far more consequential. I thought the 2013 series was excellent in its own right and you're not overstating it when you say England would have lost a...
  16. Red_Ink_Squid

    A Bit of Trivia

    I remember Lindwall has taken a particularly high % of his wickets bowled, though his total is a lot lower than these guys. Does he make the list?
  17. Red_Ink_Squid

    A Bit of Trivia

    Steve Waugh debuted as an all-rounder I think so maybe him? Technically Gilchrist meets the criterion too as a cheat answer. Edit: damnit ninja'd by HB
  18. Red_Ink_Squid

    A Bit of Trivia

    Steve Smith I guess would have too for same reason as Sobers.
  19. Red_Ink_Squid

    *Official* Pakistan in England 2020

    Yeah I'd be surprised if he plays for England again. Certainly don't see it happening while Morgan is captain.