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Search results

  1. srbhkshk

    Zaheer Abbas , Jacques Kallis and Lisa Sthalekar join ICC hall of fame

    A nice honor and well deserved for all three, Kallis entered as soon as he was eligible, btw does anyone else find the retirement gap time and maximum three players weird?
  2. srbhkshk

    Smith vs Kohli (First Class - wicket keeping)

    Who wears better pads?
  3. srbhkshk

    Players who are probably going to retire from ODIs after this World Cup

    Amla , Dhoni , Steyn , Malinga , Faf(?) , Malik , Hafeez and I'm sure I have missed many. Seems like the list is a LOT bigger than some of the previous world cups.
  4. srbhkshk

    Jack Hobbs vs Len Hutton vs Herbert Sutcliffe vs Sunil Gavaskar

    Leaving aside Barry Richards for obvious reasons, the above four are typically considered the four best openers ever - how would you rank them and why? And if you'd to pick two how would you go about it?
  5. srbhkshk

    Is it time for Hashim Amla to retire?

    Since the 2015 World Cup he has averaged below 40 in both the longer formats. There might still be room for his experience with ABD moving on, but is the performance good enough for him to continue till the 2019 Cup? Everyone welcome to contribute obviously, but I'd be specifically interested...
  6. srbhkshk

    Australia's batting without Smith and Warner, worst of all major teams?

    India / SA / NZ / England are all definitely better. How'd you compare it with Pakistan / SL / WI / BD?
  7. srbhkshk

    Peakiest Peaks

    I was going through a statsguru query and checked the batsman since 2016 - VK averages 72.16 @ 86.80 in the 3 formats combined(90 innings), has got 4907 runs with 16 hundreds and 22 fifties, no other batsman with more than 2K runs averages more than 55, no one has more hundreds or 50+ scores...
  8. srbhkshk

    Kapil Dev vs Jimmy 5nderson

    In the spirit of creating threads about Jimmy, but not in the spirit of comparing him to Ambrose. Here's a genuine question - Rate on bowling alone please,( unless of course the other suites are related to the point you are trying to make.)
  9. srbhkshk

    Rank the decades in terms of cricket quality

    Overall - Batting - Bowling -
  10. srbhkshk

    Compare these 4 current ODI legends

    Order - Virat Kohli AB DeVilliers Hashim Amla MS Dhoni Best 4 ODI batsman in the past 8-10 years without any doubt imo. Also give the active batsman who come the closest to these two in ODIs My order ABD >= VK > MSD >= Amla My next best - Warner / Root
  11. srbhkshk

    What does Sri Lanka do here?

    When Australia were getting embarrassed by SA, they brought in a bunch of young batsman and that fixed the things somewhat, Sri Lanka's problem however seems to be the opposite in that they have tried too many players in the past year (40+ in ODI cricket alone), so what do they do? 1. Bring...
  12. srbhkshk

    Determine ODIs balance point

    At what year would an XI made of people debuting before that would be about the same strength as one made of the people debuting after that? (International Debut - any format, but take only ODI performances in accounts) At what year (player I suppose) is the balance decisively shifted - both...
  13. srbhkshk

    A system to determine individual Total / Home / Away rankings for all teams

    Possibly the most contentious point of discussion while discussing test rankings (especially those of India) tends to be the Home vs. Away performance because ICC rankings don't take that in account, with that in mind I tried making rankings for all three - Total / Home / Away, I liked the...
  14. srbhkshk

    Turning the ball away from the batsmen - A new thing?

    It seems to me that there is an enormous emphasis on bringing spinners who can turn the ball away from the batsmen in current times, teams almost avoid bowling spinners who bring the ball in, from what I remember this really wasn't a thing even 10 years ago and was a rather minor consideration...