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Search results

  1. Gnske

    Historic *** abuse allegations made by former U19 Aus cricketer

    Bit of a disclaimer as it contains references to ***ual abuse. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-02/jamie-mitchell-cricket-abuse-on-india-and-sri-lanka-tour/100715912 What is it with old coaches from the 1980s being sick ****s in Australia?
  2. Gnske

    Should the rest of this series just be a preparation for Australia's subcontinent tours?

    Ashes is secure, why not. What are England going to do? Win? Debut Swepson, debut Tanveer, give the other Sangha a bat. What's the worst that could happen.
  3. Gnske

    Players who would suck now

    Donald Bradman. I swear, I saw videos of his "Batting". We think of him as the landmark of batting when really what did he have to face? Idiots. Larwood with long hops? Yes please sir, averaging 50? That would be his norm now. Someone like Bradman would average 46.51 today.
  4. Gnske

    Players you Miss

    Shane Watson :( The body of the gods, the physique of hercules and the runs powered like Jason. He was the perfect man. Cricket never recovered
  5. Gnske

    Stokes / Foakes / Woakes - The Real Crime

    So Woakes just flew home. Are you ***ing pulling my dick bro? We had two tests that presented the best opportunity to see Foakes, Woakes and Stokes instead of the same cheating blonde **** and his geriatric friend who goes missing under strong UV rays plus that other fella who gives up each time...
  6. Gnske

    *OFFICIAL* Australian Cricket Doom & Gloom Thread

    Australian cricket has just been murdered on live television. Mourn, express your anger and take comfort in each other. I for one think it's time for Jimmy Peirson.
  7. Gnske

    Langers Sack

    He has many goodies in there, like a baubel, a toy train and a biscuit.
  8. Gnske

    Why do bowlers pitch the ball wide of the stumps in test crickET despite them never being wOrth it?

    Why risk dropped catches and getting bored when you can take charge and destroy your enemy?
  9. Gnske

    3rd T20 at Sydney 8 December 2020

    I don't care any more
  10. Gnske

    Coranavirus, Leppresy, Polio, AIDS, Radiaotion Sicknes or Bowl canser

    which wuld u have,? I'd take smalpocks since some jerk closed Super Nintendo Chalmers's thread.
  11. Gnske

    *official breaking* peter siddle retires *breaking news*

    News breaking, Peter Siddle is done, he retired, he's gone. Sorry NUFAN. Big news.
  12. Gnske

    Worst Player to Play 50 T20Is?

    Answer this meaningless question you fetid rats.
  13. Gnske

    The Fourth Reich: Justin Langer's Final Solution to Sledging

    'A difference between banter and abuse' - Justin Langer vows to put 'fun' back into sledging - ESPNcricinfo Justin Langer's daughters are now the most powerful force driving the cultural change in the Australian cricket team. I'm glad I'm alive to witness this.
  14. Gnske

    The Fourth Reich: Justin Langer Appointed Australian Head Coach

    https://www.cricketaustralia.com.au/media/media-releases/justin-langer-appointed-as-new-australia-coach/2018-05-03 Details on how this is a culture change to come.
  15. Gnske

    We're Living in the Era of Tim Paine and Spikey is Just Living In It

    This is a thread for giving our thanks and appreciation to the man who will save Australian Cricket from purgatory. Is he the man to rescue Australia from purgatory? The man would not want this, but the greatest leaders never ask for power. They have it thrust upon them.
  16. Gnske

    Biggest Hitters Ever

    Who are they? For me its Sabbir Rahman
  17. Gnske

    Saeed Ajmal to Retire

    Ajmal to retire from all formats - ESPNcricinfo What an absolute tragedy, I've never seen a man throw away such a promising career like this.
  18. Gnske

    Adam Voges Retires from Internationals

    Australia batsman Adam Voges announces international retirement | Cricket | ESPN Cricinfo The greatest since Bradman, vanquisher of the West Indies, conqueror of New Zealand. I stand for and applaud you Adam Voges, thank you.
  19. Gnske

    Ashwin vs du Plessis

    Who is the more genius cricketer?
  20. Gnske

    A Question No One Here Would Dare Ask

    Formally the same country for all intensive purposes but its clear the difference - Pace Bowling. One of the top 3 things you're most likely to see when you watch cricket. Pakistan - Akram, Younis, Khan, Asif, Amir, Mahmood India - Ishant Sharma How can one country produce so much good and...