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    Seamers with 50+ wickets @ sub-25 average

    With Hasan Ali's recent effort against Zimbabwe, it struck me that Pakistan have had quite a few bowlers reach the above landmark. Considering only players who played the majority of their cricket post-WW2, to compare with Pakistan's time in test cricket: Australia (10) - Clark, Cummins...
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    Australian openers

    Where does David Warner now rank amongst Australia's all time openers? Just wondered if you were picking Australia's ATG 1st xi, 2nd xi etc, into which eleven you would place him.. (Apologies, I tried to run this as a poll but can't seem to get that to work [later, I see, the poll comes after...
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    India's Fourth Best Opener

    If you were picking Indian All Time XI's presumably Sorry about that, I tried a poll and something went wrong so I thought that the whole thread hadn't started I'll restart.... Just in light of the current team's opening struggles in South Africa..... Presumably most people pick Gavaskar...
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    Your Current World xi

    I'm surprised there isn't a regular rolling thread on this, updated after every series. Probably should wait till the end of the year but I'm going away after Christmas so thought I'd post this after the last round of tests and before the South-Africa vs England series. 1st xi to face Mars ...
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    Sri Lanka Doom and Gloom Thread

    I've always had a soft spot for Sri Lanaka - they seemed able to punch above their weight for a long time and they've always had players who were fun to watch. But now? In the past 6 years Vaas, Murali, Malinga, Sangakkara, Jayawardene, Samaraweera, and Dilshan have retired. Plus Prasanna...
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    New Rain Interrupted Idea

    Just pondering the NZ - SA semi-final... what do posters think of this idea? With 14 overs to be lost after South Africa had batted 38 overs before the rain.... how about... rather than play 43-vs-43 overs, why not let the team batting first bat out their 50 overs, then set the team batting...
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    Worse no. 6's than Ramdin

    Just wondering who the worst player ever selected to bat at number 6 would be? I'm not thinking of players who were picked and then shown not to be good enough for test cricket, so much as those who had demonstrated over a period of time that they weren't very good batsmen, but got put as...
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    Afghanistan's Opportunities

    I found this an interesting read. Tim Wigmore: Where do Afghanistan go next? | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN Cricinfo The attitude of full ICC members towards the associates just makes me so sad/mad/frustrated.... hopefully there's enough momentum within Afghanistan to avoid a Kenya situation.
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    Philander's start

    Vernon just keeps on taking wickets. He's now played 15 matches which is getting beyond the "flash in the pan" category... I thought I'd look at other seam bowlers to see how they'd done in their first 15 tests. List below. Includes only seam bowlers, and only those who played post WW1. I...
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    Batsmen's highest / lowest / final averages

    Hi, With the recent reductions in Tendulkar's, Ponting's, and Jayawardene's averages in particular, I was thinking about batsmen's highest averages and how they compared with the final averages they ended up with (Hussey has retired on a high note, but he also is one with a bit of a contrast...
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    "Representative" World XI

    Hi all, Can you try to pick a current (test) world eleven, with the proviso that you must include at least one player from every test playing side? My xi : 1. Gayle (WI) 2. Tamim Iqbal (Bang) 3. Dravid (Ind) 4. Sangakkara (SL) 5. Misbah ul Haq (Pak) 6. Taibu (wk) (Zim) 7. Vettori...