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Search results

  1. Son Of Coco

    James Pattinson Retires From International Cricket

    One of my favourite bowlers. He's everything a bowler should be - fast, handsome, full-chested and a good orator. Everyone thought he had an almost perfect bowling action, apart from his back. Just loved watching him bowl while I massaged the man crush I had on him. There's no way he could have...
  2. Son Of Coco

    (un)Boxing Thread

    How disappointing.
  3. Son Of Coco

    Best Rest Day of a Test Match

    West Indies vs Australia at Barbados in 1976 for mine.
  4. Son Of Coco

    Shane Bond vs Mike Tyson

    Both, at their time, the fastest in the world and, at their peak, among the most unplayable throwers of projectiles ever. Both had careers cut cruelly short. Bond: 18 Tests, 87 wickets at 22.09, strike rate 38.70. Tyson: 58 fights, 50 wins, 44 by KO , 6 losses, 2 no results Who would you pick?
  5. Son Of Coco

    *Official* Circus Thread

    So, the circus season is almost upon us. Should be a fascinating series this year. Fixtures: Ringling Bros.: July 4th-8th Barnum and Bailey: July 13th-17th Circus Oz: July 25th - 29th Flying Fruit Fly Circus: Aug. 2nd - 6th Rajkamal Circus: Aug. 10th - 14th Australian Parliament...
  6. Son Of Coco

    New/fairly unknown player you are rooting

    What are some up and coming players you are enjoying rooting? I will go ahead and name Harry Horsemember from Dubbo. He's a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a riddle. A suave, debonair country guy who can bowl at 145kph with both arms and is a real stallion in the sack. On his day, he...
  7. Son Of Coco

    The Inaugural World Pest Championship

    Should I have made the final?
  8. Son Of Coco

    Best local performances in modern music

    Jenny did a wonderful rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" at the local bowls club last night.
  9. Son Of Coco

    Best yokel performances in modern music

    It's this one for mine.
  10. James

    Server Outage - 01-02-2021

    Apologies for the outage over the last hour everyone. Our server ran out of disk space again. I'll be looking at some extra disk-space for the server as soon as possible.
  11. Son Of Coco

    Hysterical footage: Impressions of some grapes

    Here is some excellent footage of Black Monukka, Muscat, or maybe even Thompson Seedless.
  12. Son Of Coco

    Mel McLaughlin vs Craig McLachlan

    Who's the better mona? (Mel's the one in the 1st photo)
  13. Son Of Coco

    Chris Gayle vs Megan Gale

    Who handles a set of bouncers better? (Chris is the one in the first picture by the way)
  14. Son Of Coco

    What's more likely?Smith averaging more than Bradmans 99;94 or Lyon beating a Swann..

    What's more likely? Smith averaging more than Bradman's 99;94 or Lyon beating Swann's efforts by retiring BEFORE the 3rd test starts?
  15. Son Of Coco

    Michael Clarke's Announcement Before The 2nd Test

    Given the announcement that Kyly and Michael were expecting a baby days before the 1st Test in Cardiff, what can we expect him to announce before the 2nd Test at Lords? Note: Option 2 should be 'Australian' obviously...but my ipad is ****. Note #2: Should also be 'Michael'...can someone edit...
  16. Son Of Coco

    Is Matt "Irongloves" Prior the best keeper England have?

    Always struck me as being pretty overrated - an OK keeper + a mediocre batsman at best - was a massive comedown from Geraint Jones. He's averaged 19 in the tests he's played this year against lowly Australia. Surely South Africa have got a younger keeper they can give England who could at least...
  17. Son Of Coco

    Top Ten 12th Men of All Time

    While DoG finishes his definitive list I thought it would be fun to bang our heads together over this here. For mine: 1. Billy Birmingham 2. Jack Potter 3. Gary (the) Pratt 4. James Anderson 5. Stuart Broad 6. Graeme Swann 7. Michael Kasprowicz 8. VVS Laxman 9. The Barmy Army 10. Kumar Dharmasena
  18. Son Of Coco

    Should bowling be banned from Cricket?

    In my opinion yes, it would give Australia a tiny chance of actually batting out a day.
  19. Son Of Coco

    Who is the best young pantsman around right now?

    I reckon this bloke: