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Search results

  1. jan

    1.000 posts achievement unlocked !!!

    My post count has gone past one thousand and this is my 1007th post. I have accumulated this incredible number in mere 4 years! I feel like throwing a party where I announce my retirement from the frenetic posters club. :D
  2. jan

    the best XI from former British empire's nations

    One of those threads again. This time we have two pools of test playing nations to select players from. No West Indies this time, sorry. And no Zimbabwe. Or Ireland or Scotland as well. Pool 1: England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand Pool 2: Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Id...
  3. jan

    in between seasons - focus on fitness

    Im no sportsman and picked cricket this season. Even if its a sport which "doesnt require being fit" and we dont get much cricket here (nets once a week + played a few matches on weekends) my body aches from it a lot. So I want to do something about me being horrible unfit for the new season...
  4. jan

    pitches vs formats

    Browsing thru some pics of cricket grounds I started to wonder - there are cricket stadiums where there is more than one pitch on the ground. Obviously the central one is used in most of the pics or vids I saw. But do official games alwas take place on this one pitch/wicket? Sorry if my...
  5. jan

    beginner's equipment

    I have tried some batting and bowling which encouraged me to do cricket bit more serious. Im thinking of buying my own equipment and seek advice on how to choose basic gear properly - ie. what to look for when choosing gloves or whats the best bat for me. Online buy is probably the only way so I...
  6. jan

    Noob's corner #1

    Being encouraged in the newcomer thread I got to start this cricket inquiry one. Googled and probably understood some of the answers but still would like feedback from real fans. Please remember Im new to the game and my country is not to the game at all. Here goes volume 1 of...