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Search results

  1. Uppercut

    The Refereeing Thread

    Anyone else noticed international refs are now calling less fouls than Premiership ones? Always expecting players to get the free kick when they decide to fall over under pressure, but usually they don’t. It’s much better.
  2. Uppercut

    Your Least Favourite World Cup Player

    Pepe and Ramos bound to be popular choices but I have a really strong irrational hatred of Jordan Henderson.
  3. Uppercut

    World Cup Nostalgia Thread

    Anyone else spent the past couple of weeks reminiscing about past tournaments? I was boring Ms. UC over lunch the other day recalling where I was and what I was doing for every one I've been alive for. Also loved...
  4. Uppercut

    Where to bowl to Steve Smith?

    See poll.
  5. Uppercut

    Rank the teams from most to least likeable

    1. Mark Wood- good bowler, always seems to enjoy himself, quality footballer. Hasn't been around long enough to show any dickish side. Extra points for looking exactly like a really nice guy I know. 2. Mitchell Johnson- purely for being incredibly entertaining as a cricketer, whether bowling...
  6. Uppercut

    Warm-Up Friendlies

    Sky reckon England are starting Welbeck instead of Sterling vs. Peru tonight. I'd be worried if the rest of the team seems first-choice. When someone picks Welbeck instead of a Liverpool player and I think it's a bad move, you know it's a bad move.
  7. Uppercut

    World Cup Betting

    Current odds on skybet: Brazil 3/1 Argentina 9/2 Spain 11/2 Germany 11/2 Belgium 18/1 France 22/1 England 25/1 Portugal 25/1 Holland 25/1 Colombia 25/1 Italy 25/1 Uruguay 33/1 Chile 40/1 Russia 100/1 Ivory Coast 125/1 You can get better odds almost everywhere else but that gives you the idea...
  8. Uppercut

    Entertaining cricket vs Good cricket

    The line between the two is very blurry in a lot of cricket-watchers' minds. The consensus among fans, pundits and commentators is that almost all modern field settings are too defensive, all declarations occur at least an hour later than necessary, and every batsman isn't playing enough shots...
  9. Uppercut

    Is running out the non-striker when he's backing up "against the spirit of the game"?

    Is running out the non-striker when he's backing up "against the spirit of the game"? BBC Sport - Somerset v Surrey: Murali Kartik causes run-out controversy Murali Kartik getting in some hot water over this one. I reckon it's absolutely fine. He's not just wandering out of his crease for a...
  10. Uppercut

    ***Official*** The Olympics is **** Thread

    I wouldn't want people stinking up every thread in the Euros forum ranting about how dire it is so I'm making myself a containment thread. Why do people watch this ****? I don't see the appeal at all. Almost any sport with a semblance of technical complexity or depth is either not part of the...
  11. Uppercut

    ***Official*** Commentary Thread

    Hopefully they'll have at least ditched Mick McCarthy.
  12. Uppercut

    Most Obnoxious Footy Fans in the UK?

    Rangers, imo. Typically more bigoted than the garden-variety football thugs.
  13. Uppercut

    The Strategy Behind the Batting Order

    A thread to pass the time. In ODIs, I've long thought batting lineups aren't fluid enough. MS Dhoni is way ahead of the rest of the pack in that respect. He comes in for some criticism for it, but it would be stupid to come in at 5 regardless of the situation when he's so vulnerable to...
  14. Uppercut

    Not Enough Pace for this Level

    There's a repeated assumption when it comes to bowlers of around 80mph or less that, even if they've taken bucketloads of wickets in first-class cricket, they're not good enough for tests. It's applied pretty heavily by selectors, even when- as in the case of Stuart Clark- the player in question...
  15. Uppercut

    Was O'Brien's century the greatest innings of all time?

    Choose carefully.
  16. Uppercut

    ***Official*** Road to Euro 2012

    We don't have one of these yet, do we? Bricking it watching Ireland in Armenia here. Just taken the lead with fifteen minutes left.
  17. Uppercut

    The Tactics of Powerplays

    So this comes up in the commentary box during every ODI series. Captains seem to take the batting powerplay around the 38-42 over mark, or if the innings is going badly, they just take it at the end. A lot of commentators go with the idea that it should be taken when there's two set batsmen at...
  18. Uppercut

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Anyone had any long-range punts yet? Liking the look of Uruguay against France on the opening night at 11/4. I'm pretty sure the only reason no one realises how **** France are is because they're called "France". Also punted 70p on Nani for player of the tournament at 150/1. Long shot obvz, but...
  19. Uppercut

    Revisiting Cricket Web's World Twenty20 Predictions

    Cricket Web - Features: Revisiting Cricket Web's World Twenty20 Predictions Some decent shouts. James had a 'mare.