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  1. Somerset

    ITM Cup 2012 Tipping Competition and Discussion

    Starts in just over a week so probably a good time to get the topic up. Similar to last year with a lot of midweek matches in a relatively short season (finals are played at the end of October). Regarding the tipping competition, I'll combine it with the one I'm running on Cricsim to boost the...
  2. Somerset

    Tournament predictions

    Only three days before we kick off so in a month and a half's time to be able to say "I told you so", get your predictions in... Tournament winner: Runner-up: Biggest surprise (team/player): Biggest upset: Biggest disappointment (team/player): Strangest headline (besides Romanians scared of...
  3. Somerset

    Super 15 2011

    Bit late starting the topic but its snuck up considering the first match of the competition's scheduled before the Cricket World Cup even starts. Hopefully theres enough members that are keen to enter the tipping competition we usually run. Week One Fixtures: Hurricanes vs Highlanders Rebels vs...
  4. Somerset

    ITM Cup 2010

    Formally known as the Air New Zealand Cup (or NPC) - starts next week so I think its about time for our tipping competition if members are keen. Taranaki vs Northland Canterbury vs Hawkes Bay Manawatu vs Southland Counties Manukau vs Otago Waikato vs Bay of Plenty North Harbour vs Auckland...
  5. Somerset

    Super 14 2010

    We usually have a topic up early but its only a few days before this year's competition starts and I noticed we've left it a bit late. If everyone is keen for tipping on the forum do say so, or Superbru is an option (and I know both myself and Voltman also use Telecom Virtual Rugby). The games...
  6. Somerset


  7. Somerset

    Somerset's ICC 2009 NZ Story

    Decided to start a new game with New Zealand on ICC 2009 and post my progress on the forum, so comments, opinions and criticism of the manager and storywriter is promoted and probably in the case of the last option, expected. :happy: Starting with the Twenty20 World Cup in England in mid-2009...
  8. Somerset

    Rugby Union Draft II

    Given the popularity of the second version of several of the drafts in the Cricket Chat forum, would we be interested in a second rugby union draft? Perhaps make it a more modern draft, 1987 (so from the inaugural World Cup) and onwards?
  9. Somerset

    Air New Zealand Cup 2009

    Not sure if we want a competition this year on the Superbru site like last year, or if we use the forum for predictions and add the points up ourselves? The competition starts Thursday night (in NZ). The TAB have Canterbury, Wellington, Auckland and Waikato as the best chances to make the semi...
  10. Somerset

    Super 14 2009 Discussion and Fantasy League

    Only three days until Super 14 2009 kicks off, thought it deserved its own topic which we could also use for a prediction competition. I thought that given a fair few of us are already signed up to the Superbru prediction site (superbru.com) we could use that - I started a new pool called...
  11. Somerset

    TWC quiz

    Wondering if anyone on CW is taking part in this year's Wisden Cricketer Christmas Quiz? Theres only a week or so to get entries in I believe. I'm finding it much harder than last year's quiz - have probably spent twice as long already and only have 43 answers I'm happy with out of 55 questions...
  12. Somerset

    ICC 2008 Succession Game Season Summaries

    2008 Season Summary County Championship (Second) Somerset - Win vs Surrey by 5 wickets Somerset - Draw vs Somerset Bryce - Loss vs Durham by 2 wickets Somerset - Win vs Nottinghamshire by 5 wickets Bryce - Win vs Yorkshire by 6 wickets Somerset - Loss vs Nottinghamshire by 248 runs Bryce - Draw...
  13. Somerset

    ICC 2008 Succession Game Results

    Firstly we needed to finalise our 2008 squad, and with Flintoff, Mahmood and Anderson all likely to represent England throughout the summer, it was felt an extra bowler was needed to cover the loss of the trio. Chad Keegan got the nod and became the 24th squad member for the season.
  14. Somerset

    ICC 2008 Succession Game

    I'm fairly sure its been done before so I'm wondering if theres enough interest for a "succession game" with a county side on ICC 2008. One member plays say two weeks of the season before attaching the save file for someone else to download and play another two weeks worth and so on. The story...
  15. Somerset

    Under 17 Womens Football World Cup

    Anyone at all interested? (Its being held in New Zealand, by the way) Watched the opening game tonight and found the match very entertaining, particularly the second half which New Zealand completely dominated. 1-0 to Canada the final score though that doesn't really reflect the game, second...
  16. Somerset

    Icc 4?

    http://www.play.com/Games/PC/4-/5478913/International-Cricket-Captain-4/Product.html and http://www.game.co.uk/PC/Sport/Cricket/~r334782/International-Cricket-Captain-4/ Thought this is VERY interesting. ICC 4 apparently due out next month. Nothing on Childish Things yet though. :huh:
  17. Somerset

    Phoenix vs Galaxy match

    I might be blind and have missed the topic for this but can't seem to find one... Did anyone else watch/go to (if you're in New Zealand) the match this evening? It seemed like a brilliant atmosphere at the Cake Tin, would've been great to attend. :) I hope it really ignites the Phoenix and the...
  18. Somerset

    Somerset's New Zealand Journey

    Got my copy of ICC 3 today so thought I'd see how well I can lead the New Zealand team. Any comments welcome. ;) First up for the new coach was the 2007 ICC World Cup - at least a semi-final is expected from those amongst the team. The side selected was: S.Fleming P.Fulton C.McMillan R.Taylor...