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Search results

  1. GotSpin

    Overseas Tour

    So I'm looking to organise an overseas tour (yes, when things are open again blah blah) for my cricket club to Nepal and Sri Lanka Has anyone here had any experience in organising, horror stories or highly recommended experiences from your own tours?
  2. GotSpin

    Best ball

    There’s obviously plenty of expensive options, but I want to get a few new rocks for playing in the nets Any recommendations on the best value for a ball that retains its seam and stays hard on an Astro deck I have a pink one that has continued to get some extra bounce but I’m worried it...
  3. GotSpin

    Turf top

    https://kdsport.com.au/coaching-aids/batting-aids/turf-top.html Has anyone tried this out? Astro in the nets just isn't cutting it anymore
  4. GotSpin

    Cricket shoes

    Recommendations for shoes and where to get them from Go go go thanks
  5. GotSpin

    Restructuring the Australian summer

    Just read an article from Malcolm Knox regarding the structure of the Australian summer and thought it was worthy of some discussion Cricket needs to sack its scriptwriters after a wasted January With the importance of ODIs waning, it definitely feels strange to have all the test matches over...
  6. GotSpin

    *Official* Whinge about a pitch thread

    It's been a while since I've created a new thread but I thought we needed a place of community discussion (whinging & complaining) following the roll out of a super **** wicket. We can also allow the discussion of grounds in general too While the Adelaide Oval has busily been reinventing...
  7. GotSpin

    What bus will the Indian cricket team use?

  8. GotSpin

    Choose my avatar

    Lord Gimp has allowed me to choose my own avatar for this rather dull, controversy free series. I have decided, like his Gimpness, to bestow this power upon the members of this fair board Please submit useful pictures, slogans or other pictures or a combination through photoshop What do the...
  9. GotSpin

    Review system for the Review system

    I'm sick to death of all these stupid UDRS arguments invading every thread. Thus, I propose that a new review system be implemented to ensure that threads actually stay on track and not end up in a heap of smelly DRS discussion Thoughts
  10. GotSpin

    Let the bad blood out

    Ok. I think it's time to air our grievances. So say one bad thing about the above poster
  11. GotSpin

    What does **** mean?

    I've seen this term thrown around to describe posters a lot lately What letter do I use here, should it be C? Or are some posters typing out **** just to appear tough and can't think of a suitable insult I find this quite confusing otherwise Regards, ****
  12. GotSpin

    'The Moops' - Sponsored by Vandelay Industries

    The Moops Cricket Club Team Owner - George Steinbrenner Head Coach & Manager - Uncle Leo Fitness Coach - Newman Physician - Dr Tim Whatley Legal & PR Advisor- Jackie Chiles Caterer - Yev Kassem Groundsman - David Puddy Current Squad - Doug Bollinger - Hashim Amla More news to follow shortly
  13. GotSpin

    Boxing day ideas

    Going to watch the boxing day test with 4 other mates Need some group costume ideas in order to get my two seconds of fame go go go
  14. GotSpin

    Font Size

    I seem to have accidentally clicked something or pushing something on my keyboard and all the font on CW is a much larger size than normal. Anyone know how to fix this?
  15. GotSpin

    Ashes betting

    Thought we needed a thread for those putting money (or non-avatar bets) on the line this coming series and a discussion of good opportunities that arise to place bets. A few of you might have noticed that I have a bit of betting vendetta against North and will wear a dress at the boxing day...
  16. GotSpin

    Tendulkar v Mangos

    Due to the recent flooding of Tendulkar threads throughout the world, I thought I'd create a venue for the discussion that has pondered the minds of millions, billions and dare I say, trillions, of people throughout the cricketing and fruit communities. Tendulkar has established a flourishing...
  17. GotSpin

    Declaring Behind

    Just had a thought last night. Have there been many, if any, recent cases of teams declaring behind in Test cricket. i know they sometimes do it in domestic first class cricket in Australia, but can't remember it being done internationally.
  18. GotSpin

    Beyond a boundary - C.L.R James

    Just wondering if anyone has read it. I have an essay to write for uni in relation to this book: 'What can C.L.R James' memoir of cricket, reading and politics tell us about relations between colonial subjects and imperial culture'. Any thoughts/hints/tips/suggestions would be greatly...
  19. GotSpin

    Murder witness

    The great man ie Shane Warne, may be giving evidence in a murder trial. Interesting http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=97347 Wonder how he came to see this though
  20. GotSpin

    Aus Twenty-20 comp

    Anyone going to this? I don't think i'll be able to since they seem to be playing it at non-major grounds I know alot of people don't like Twenty-20, but you must admit that cricket in Australia will benefit alot if it does well