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Search results

  1. CricAddict

    T20 Auction Draft

    Welcome. Since the record breaker draft is over and test auction is having a break, starting this to whet the appetite of all the buyers. I have a pool of 500 odd players including batsmen, bowlers, all rounders, wicket keepers etc. from pre-T20 era and pre-ODI era. The final list will have...
  2. CricAddict

    Vote your favorite record-breaking team

    AndyZaltzHair AndrewB Line and Length trundler The addicts 1. Barry Richards WG Grace 1. Len Hutton (c) / Graeme Smith 1. Alastair Cook 2. Gordon Greenidge Graham Gooch 2. Herbert Sutcliffe / Matthew Hayden 2. Desmond Haynes 3. George Headley Frank Worrell* 3. Walter Hammond...
  3. CricAddict

    Ewen Chatfield

    Ewen Chatfield is rated as one of the top ODI bowlers of all time in so many ratings while he is never spoken about in CW in any discussion. Any reason why? Is he under-rated due to Hadlee taking all the mindshare?
  4. CricAddict

    Test record-breakers draft

    1. The record should be at an international level and not at a country level Eg. batsman to score most runs in SENA is an acceptable record but most runs in SENA by an Indian batsman is not acceptable since it then becomes country level. 2. He cannot be second best or third best. The person...
  5. CricAddict

    *Official* World Test Championship Final 2021

    A historical moment as two quality and deserving teams fight it out in the inaugural WTC final. The playing conditions confirm that in case of a draw or a tie, both teams will be crowned as joint winners as well as the allocation of a reserve day to make up for any lost time during the regular...
  6. CricAddict

    Last Man standing

    A bit late to start but just starting it for fun. It will be great if someone can take it up from me later. 1. Will any bowler take 4 or more wickets today? 2. Will any of the openers score more than 50 today? Deadline: Toss
  7. CricAddict

    Retirement thread

    I see that there is no thread or posts to pay tribute to not-so-famous cricketers who retire, hence creating this thread. Niall O'Brien retired this week. Has been Ireland's flag bearer along with Porterfield and his brother for a long time and credit to him for playing for the country till...
  8. CricAddict

    India vs England test series - Last Man Standing

    Hi all, Separating the game from the tour thread. Winner 1: GaryLyon Currently standing: *****, Daemon, Pratters
  9. CricAddict

    All time XIs discussion

    A thread to discuss all the all time XIs that Nufan has created across countries. We can have a promotion/delegation game here in future where the current/future player enters into a team and one of the incumbents is demoted on a consensus.
  10. CricAddict

    ***Official*** ICC World Cup Qualifiers 2018

    Sun Mar 4 (50 ovs) 09:30 local (07:30 GMT | 16:30 JST) Group B - Afghanistan v Scotland Bulawayo Athletic Club Sun Mar 4 (50 ovs) 09:30 local (07:30 GMT | 16:30 JST) Group A - Papua New Guinea v United Arab Emirates Harare Sports Club Sun Mar 4 (50 ovs) 09:30 local (07:30 GMT | 16:30 JST)...
  11. CricAddict

    Most favourite current cricketer in CW

    I am not sure if we already have a thread for this but I am fine to run this as a poll annually. You can like the cricketer for cricketing or non-cricketing reasons. Not compulsory to give the reasons. So if everyone is interested, will run this poll. Please go ahead and nominate your current 3...
  12. CricAddict

    Ben Stokes vs Ravi Ashwin

    Who is the better allrounder?
  13. CricAddict

    Natural talent

    A doubt in my mind on all sports including cricket. There are so many sons of sportspersons who succeed in the same sport. Is it because of natural talent or since they have better access to facilities and coaching? Is natural talent real?
  14. CricAddict

    Are the Aussies getting back to the attitude era?

    Are the Aussies getting back to their attitude era of 1990s where they dominated and crushed every single opponent? Or is this WC win a flash in the pan and teams will continue to equally compete like the last few years?
  15. CricAddict

    2015 World Cup compared to other World Cups

    How do you guys think that the teams in 2015 WC stack against the teams of previous World cups? To me, this looks the weakest of all. There is no team that we can say as very strong and has very few legends/reputed/world class ODI batsmen and bowlers compared to the previous cups. Few current...
  16. CricAddict

    Cook vs Warne

    Warne tells Cook: 'Take a rest' Shane Warne has stepped up his criticism of Alastair Cook's captaincy, insisting that his leadership of England at Headingley represented the worst day of international captaincy he had witnessed in 25 years. In an outspoken column in The Daily Telegraph Warne...
  17. CricAddict

    Most favourite innings of Sachin Tendulkar

    What do you think is his best knock from your POV? My favourite is the 143 against Australia in Sharjah. Coupled with the awesome commentary, my emotions just went over the roof while watching that match and I can never forget it..
  18. CricAddict

    World T20 Qualifiers

    Schedule Fri Nov 15 06:00 GMT | 10:00 local 11:30 IST 1st Match, Group A - Ireland v Namibia Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi N/A Fri Nov 15 06:00 GMT | 10:00 local 11:30 IST 2nd Match, Group A - United Arab Emirates v Uganda Sheikh Zayed Stadium Nursery 1, Abu Dhabi N/A Fri Nov 15...
  19. CricAddict

    Ishant Sharma vs Jade Dernbach

    Who is the worst bowler in cricket? To me, Ishant wins it hands down. Wanted to know others' views..
  20. CricAddict

    Underneath the Southern Cross

    From the article, looks like so many interesting insights in Hussey's new book. Anyone planning to buy it? Australia Cricket News: Michael Hussey tells of split in Australia camp | ESPN Cricinfo Michael Hussey has revealed in a new book that his failure to attend a boat party after his final...