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  1. TheJediBrah

    Mohammad Rizwan

    So this guy is clearly the best WK/Batsman in the world now right?
  2. TheJediBrah

    If Jimmy Anderson started his career 5 years later, would he be higher regarded?

    If he started his career when he was older and better, slightly less longevity, but better career stats. Would his doubters be less numerous?
  3. TheJediBrah

    What happened to the flipper?

    Shane Warne's signature trick ball in the 1990s, until he stopped bowling it reportedly due to shoulder issues. I'm sure plenty of others utilised and mastered the delivery before Warne came along but he definitely made it famous during his time. I feel like we very rarely see it bowled much...
  4. TheJediBrah

    What to do about tour matches

    Pakistan just picked their 'A' Team for Australia's only match in UAE, and it does not include a single specialist spin bowler. A blatant tactic to rob the touring side of practice ahead of the Test series where they are expected to be facing a spin-heavy attack. Basically the same thing...
  5. TheJediBrah

    *Official* Australia v England post-Ashes ODI series

    Not sure where to post this, but just announced the squad for Australia today with some surprised - Maxwell dropped (itstl) - Lynn selected (proved himself after 1 dodgy big bash innings and still being unable to field) - Paine recalled, Wade dropped - Stoinis and M.Marsh both selected
  6. TheJediBrah

    KP Comeback

    Kevin Pietersen eyes South Africa T20 call Too bad he'd be 40 years old by the time he qualifies for SA, and probably never get selected anyway KP making an international comeback would be so awesome if it could happen right now You've got guys like Gary Ballance playing Test cricket while KP...
  7. TheJediBrah

    Rashid Khan from Afghanistan

    Is this guy really as good as he seems to be? He has amazing stats and looks pretty good to say the least. Also does anyone really believe that this guy's 18? lol I'd be surprised if he was much younger than 30 Should be good interesting to see how he goes in Tests
  8. TheJediBrah

    Virat Kohli average watch thread

    Test batting average officially over 50 and higher than Kane Williamson's
  9. TheJediBrah

    Which current batsman would have been good in the old days, without modern bats etc?

    I think you could transplant Steve Smith 50 years ago with a plank of wood for a bat and he wouldn't lose much effectiveness. David Warner would be rubbish. Not talking about players growing up in that time and adapting etc etc but literally which current players would still be pretty good if...
  10. TheJediBrah

    2015 Final Test Rankings - Steve Smith #1, Williamson #2, Voges #11

    Congrats to Smitteh back to his rightful position, let the pretenders drop back http://www.cricket.com.au/news/steve-smith-ravi-ashwin-end-2015-ranked-no1-test-batsman-bowler-cricket-australia-india/2015-12-31?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=iccrankings