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  1. karan316

    Biggest "draw" in cricket history?

    Who can/could put the most number of a***s on seats? I think we rarely take this into consideration while rating the greatest cricketers. But it is a very important factor, the game wouldn't have survived and reached the level that it has without an audience. Who are the biggest draws of cricket?
  2. karan316

    Amir should have been banned for life: Graeme Swann

    Amir should have been banned for life: Graeme Swann | Cricbuzz.com Seriously? If you say that for Asif and Butt I can understand, but Amir was an immature teenager when he made that mistake, he rightly deserves a second chance. Would he have said the same if it were an English cricketer.
  3. karan316

    Review your WC team

    Review the performance of your team in this WC, or any other team that you have followed. Who are the players that surprised you by their performance? Team combinations that were right/wrong? Key players that missed out playing on WC or anything else that you would like to talk about.
  4. karan316

    Why is Joel Garner so underrated?

    I have never seen a bowler who has been so accurate, he was on target almost every time. He made the batsmen very uncomfortable with his high arm action and the awkward bounce that he generated. His stats are also excellent. I feel he was pretty much unplayable most of the times.
  5. karan316

    What next for England??

    England's poor show in the WC is not something that has surprised a lot of people. But what is the reason for their failure? and what next? From what I have seen, they do have the resources, but they aren’t getting the combination right. They do have players who can win games and a few tweaks...
  6. karan316

    Commentary Bloopers

    Lets post some commentary bloopers here. I started this thread because of what Rameez Raja said in a WC game when Misbah hit a six. "Best part of this slogging is that it is not slogging". WoW And this one from Rohan Gavaskar during a domestic match I had seen long time back, "He is a...
  7. karan316

    Pace bowlers with shortest run ups

    Which pace bowler has had the shortest run up?? I remember Amarnath would literally just jog in before delivering the ball and had quite a short run up(although he was just medium pace). What are other such examples??
  8. karan316

    Can this trick work for pace bowlers??

    If I get a cricket ball which weighs a lot heavier than a normal one and practice with it( bowl a bit slower than my normal pace coz it might put too much stress on the body if I bowl at full pace), will it improve my pace and fitness?? I guess it should work since most of my muscles used during...
  9. karan316

    James Muirhead or Scott Borthwick, who has a better future??

    Both young spinners with tremendous potential, one has a fair bit of domestic experience, one has been fast tracked to the national team. Muirhead has looked pretty impressive to me, and looks like he'll be given a fair bit of exposure since people are showing a lot of faith in him. Borthwick...
  10. karan316

    Best utility players??

    Ravi Shastri was a pretty good one for India, could bowl a few tight overs, bat at different batting positions, was extremely good in either batting or bowling, but was quite useful if you consider his overall abilities. At present I see Nathan McCullum as an excellent utility player, always...
  11. karan316

    Australian player banned for penis image on pitch

    Australian player banned for penis image on pitch - Yahoo Cricket India
  12. karan316

    Keeping your bowling action repeatable

    This is a common problem people face when there is a gap between playing days or when you get to play only on weekends. How can I ensure that my bowling action remains the same.
  13. karan316

    Bradman's record on sticky wickets?

    Read in one of the articles that Bradman scored just 284 runs in 15 innings he played on sticky wickets, is this true? If not, what were the exact numbers, and are there any detailed stats on how many overs of "fully-fit" Larwood that Bradman played. Again, I'll be clear with my point, I don't...
  14. karan316

    Can we have a cricketweb 11?

    Can we make a cricket team with members of the site?? I mean a real team or even a club. Just a suggestion. What do you guys say?
  15. karan316

    Best batting display by an associate batsman?

    Ten Doeschate's 119 vs England? Or Kevin O'Brien's 113 vs England? or any other similar innings Personally I rate John Davison's 75 runs off 62 balls vs NZ as the best. There are many such memorable performances by some of the associate batsmen, which 1 do you rate as the best?
  16. karan316

    Problem with swing bowling

    I have a minor issue with my bowling, not exactly a problem tbh, but its something I don't understand. My natural action allows me to get a lot of in-swing with good control. I mix them up with a few out swingers and straighter ones. All the deliveries I bowl are pretty much in my control...
  17. karan316

    Has the standard of ODI cricket gone down?

    If you compare the centuries or match winning innings of recent times, some of them were not even half as good as compared to the ones in the older rules. Since there are 2 new balls, you don't see much reverse swing at the death, and the ball not getting too old means there isn't the same...
  18. karan316

    Were bodyline tactics actually that negative?

    People look at it and describe it in a really negative manner, almost as if it were cheating. I think Bodyline(or leg theory) was a top class strategy used by England. It was something really creative although there was a bit of danger involved in it since the players at that time didn't wear...
  19. karan316

    Extremely talented guys you have played with?

    There is a guy whom I had faced in a local match some time ago. He was quite tall, had a pretty bad action for an off spinner, but was able to generate a crazy amount of spin. The ball would just pitch very wide outside the off stump and move rapidly with extra bounce. The most weird part about...
  20. karan316

    Worst cricketers to follow on twitter?

    With tweets like these "Well played @mahelajay !!! Good stuff!! You should shake my hand before play more often.. It's a good omen!!" "If SL win the day... that is bat the whole day today ... Hmmm... Don't wanna say much.. Hehehe" "Get Herath on.... If there is seam there is spin" "Oh... Yes...