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Search results

  1. Teja.

    Top 6 Ashes Batsmen of the 21st Century

    Smith is the clear number one. He has the most runs by far in fewer games than others in the top 5, most centuries, best batting average of anyone with 500+ runs despite scoring 2800+ runs, a batting average about 20 more than anyone else in the top 10 run scorers and plenty of high impact, epic...
  2. Teja.

    Welcome to the golden era of fast bowling

    Most people like me who grew up on test cricket in the 00s remember the time when there were 2-3 fast bowlers across the world who could be expected to average under 25 in the long term. A few more who could be expected to average in the 25-27 range and the vast majority of long term test...
  3. Teja.

    Rishabh Pant Appreciation Society

    Despite batting in the 4th innings only 5 times in his career so far and having played a total of 16 tests, Pant has the three highest 4th innings scores by an Indian wicketkeeper in the history of Indian cricket (and that includes Dhoni's entire career). Out of those 5 innings played, he...
  4. Teja.

    Team of the Series

    Gill Sharma Pujara Labuschagne Rahane (C) Pant (wk) Jadeja Ashwin Cummins Hazelwood Siraj
  5. Teja.

    Ashwin for the Australia series

    Do you think Ashwin should make the Indian test XI for the series in Australia? Discuss.
  6. Teja.

    Examine cricket games which occurred on the day you were born

    Test matches stretching across the day count. Discuss.
  7. Teja.

    Rank the following Sri Lankan Test Batsmen

    I have been reading about pre-1996 Sri Lankan cricketers over the last few days and there's a surprising amount of really decent test batsmen who did performed better in test cricket than I thought they did. Rank and discuss the following test batsmen: Roy Dias (1982-1987) 1285 runs in 20...
  8. Teja.

    If ODI cricket was changed to 60 overs an innings again

    I'm not suggesting that this is a good idea but let's assume it does happen. 12 overs a bowler. 60 overs an innings. Everything else is still the same as it is today. What cricketers would suddenly become more/less valuable? Which teams would improve? Which teams would change their lineups...
  9. Teja.

    What made the mid-1980s Indian ODI team so good?

    The Indian ODI team of the mid-1980s did not seem to have any particularly outstanding cricketers outside of Kapil Dev but they not only beat the WI in the finals of the 1983 world cup but beat them once before in the same tournament. Further, they also won the 1985 world championship of...
  10. Teja.

    Is the current Australian batting order stronger than that of the lost generation?

    Would you pick the current Australian batting line-up over your choice line-up following the below qualifiers: 1) Should have debuted between 1985 and 2005 in Australian F.C. cricket 2) Played less than 20 tests. (need not have played tests at all) 3) Retired before 2015 from F.C. cricket I...
  11. Teja.

    Sports that you've learned to love later in life

    Most of the sports we love to watch are picked up at childhood. I love watching cricket from when I was a kid watching it with family. What are the sports you've learned to love to watch from scratch after you're already 18+. For me it's MMA. Very much a just bleed type of fan though.
  12. Teja.

    Test cricket on TV

    What was the first entirely televised test match and series? What is the first entirely televised test match/series for which the entire video is still available? What is the first for which the entire video is available for free/cheap?
  13. Teja.

    Smith v Kohli (test match batting)

    Who is better right now and who will end up better after they’re both retired?
  14. Teja.

    Is Rohit Sharma the second best ODI opener of all time?

    After SRT? My answer five years ago would be Mark Waugh with Gilchrist, Anwar, Ganguly etc. in contention but the case for Rohit is becoming undeniable. Rohit now averages 59 with a SR of 91 as an opener in ODIs which is just nuts. Amla who has also played in this era averages 49 with a SR...
  15. Teja.

    Official Indian Fans Hugbox Thread

    For Indian fans to have a safe space to bravely address crucial issues which are never talked about like Dhoni’s slow starts which 100% will cost us the cup.
  16. Teja.

    Browsing CW on mobile

    Browsing CW through safari on iOS works as long as I don’t log in but if I do and try to post, I keep getting auto-logged out with every loaded screen and have to keep relogging. Making a post/going to VMs/private subforum takes forever because of this. The lord has left me technologically...
  17. Teja.

    Starc v. Wagner

    Who is the better test bowler right now? They have extremely similar test stats despite starc being the fast bowler prototype and wagner being the deconstruction of the fast bowler prototype. However, I think they have a similarity in the sense that they both bowl different styles which are not...
  18. Teja.

    Is Arcanine a legendary pokemon?

    I'm paranoid that i'm having mandela effect Was a pokemon tcg obsessive 15 or so years ago. i remember 100% that the card description said Arcanine is a legendary pokemon. But it is an evolution. Further, there are multiple arcanines. But I remember with remarkable clarity that it was...