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Search results

  1. slogger555

    Which Keeper will Record the most Dismissals?

    i'll go for mark boucher
  2. slogger555

    Dilemma for England when KP returns?

    this in my opimion is the England to x1 1) Vaughn (c) 2) Bell 3) Pieterson 4) Collingwood 5) Strauss 6) Flintoff 7) Darlmpyle 8) Nixon 9) Plunkett/Lewis 10) Anderson 11) Panesar 12th man Joyce thats just my opinion
  3. slogger555

    Best catches - video clips

    Best Catch Mine Brad Hogg http://youtube.com/watch?v=Zrp8RyGLmYY just brilliant
  4. slogger555

    A teams

    Interested in into see what your 2nd best team would be for your country Australia Odi 1) Jaques 2) Rogers 3) Hodge (first batsman to get into top team 4) Crosgrove 5) Voges 6) Haddin (keeper 7) Thornley 8) Hauritz 9) Harwood 10) Hilfenhous 11) Tait i think im missing a really good player in...
  5. slogger555

    Cricket on YouTube

    Does anyone have any videos of unusaual dissmisal in cricket thanks
  6. slogger555

    Underated/overated players

    who are they
  7. slogger555

    World Xl

    Who would be in your odi and test world Xi if it was played in one months time
  8. slogger555

    The England Thread

    Agree with the thersothick thing i just thought he wouldnt be avaible but they need his experience
  9. slogger555

    Brad Hogg

    Is he one of Australia's unluckiest crickerters playse one game in the series and takes 2/16 and noone can pick his wrongun
  10. slogger555

    your team squad for 2007 world cup..

    Im Aussie but i want to do a kiwi team so here it is 1) L.Vincent 2) S Fleming (c) 3) Fulton 4) Taylor 5) Oram 6) B Mcullum 7)Hamish Marshall(will swap will mcullam depending on how the innings is going) 8)Vettori 9) Franklin 10) Gillespie 11) Bond 12)Styris (bak in for hamish marshall when at...
  11. slogger555

    Englands wicketkeepers

    Defiently Nixon asfter his gritty 49 at the waca proved he can hit a ball and he doesnt need to reverse sweep al;l the time
  12. slogger555

    The England Thread

    After englands performance in the one day tournament in Australia who do you reckon should be in the squad 1Vaughn(c) 2Cook 3Bell 4Pieterson 5Joyce 6Strauss 7Flintoff(i no its really low but where he comes in depends on how england s total's going) 8 Nixon 9 Hoggard 10 Anderson...
  13. slogger555

    Hendrik Human "Boeta" Dippenaar

    My bad very new to forums
  14. slogger555

    Hendrik Human "Boeta" Dippenaar

    Any reason why he wassnt selected in the odi squad for SA vs Pak thought he was in quite good one day form