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Search results

  1. KungFu_Kallis

    To hook or not to hook?

    In light of England's dismissals from the 1st & 2nd Tests - best illustrated by this chart courtesy of another post: Workbook: Ashes wickets Taking into account the differing strategy and psychology of the 2 approaches, and the effect it has on both batsman and bowler - hooking or not hooking...
  2. KungFu_Kallis

    MJ Clarke - numero uno Test batsman?

    The Channel 9 commentators have started saying he's the best again after his latest gig. Thousands of unsung Aussie mobile phone users have voted with their unbiased thumbs. Mark Nicholas cleverly went from saying "one of the best in the world" to "the best in the world" in the course of the 2nd...
  3. KungFu_Kallis

    SA 2013 vs SA 1970 vs Aus 2006

    Since SA are currently dominating the Test cricket world and haven't lost a single Test match for over 18 months, I thought it would be a good time to imagine 2 hypothetical match ups to measure them by - firstly against Ali Bacher's previously recognised great South African side circa 1970...
  4. KungFu_Kallis

    Is Matt Prior the best keeper/batsman

    Have seen a few of these articles lately... e.g. Matt Prior is the equal of Australia great Adam Gilchrist as a wicketkeeper-bastmen says Jack Russell - Mirror Online This article quoted Jack Russel so has some weight. Although he is English of course, the same as most of the people who said...
  5. KungFu_Kallis

    The Bad Shot Hall of Fame

    As inspired by Suresh Raina's wild charge to Jeetan Patel on 0 with India needing 100 to win in a Test match with 6 wickets remaining. Missed the ball by about 4 inches and clean bowled. Photo included. :ph34r:
  6. KungFu_Kallis

    Graeme Smith the Test batsman

    Another super dooper, is XYZ an ATG thread... but interested to hear the consensus. Purely as a batsman, would Graeme Smith at this stage go down as an ATG. Perhaps one of the top 10 opening batsmen of all time may be one possible yardstick. Can one name 10 better ones? My thoughts - Depends...
  7. KungFu_Kallis

    Is KP an ATG Test Batsman?

    With all the KP soap dramas, and now that there's no guarantee he will play another Test. Purely in terms of his batting career, would Pietersen go down as an ATG Test batsman? I am sitting on the fence on this one. As an entertainer, definitely. As a run scorer, possibly. FTR this is what...