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Search results

  1. Briony

    4th Test at the Gabba, Brisbane, 15 - 19 Jan 2021

    By his standards against a third string attack we may have expected more.
  2. Briony

    3rd Test at the SCG, Sydney, 7 Jan - 11 Jan 2021

    In someone's demented dreams, though he is making merry in these benign conditions. He's behind Healy, Haddin and Marsh and he's a supercilious ****.
  3. Briony

    3rd Test at the SCG, Sydney, 7 Jan - 11 Jan 2021

    They were not identical twins though.
  4. Briony

    Which era had the better bowlers?

    Modern day attacks do seem to suffer from injuries and sometimes rotation more though. Guess that's all part of the IPL and T20 circuses. Fatigue sets in. What about the fact that Crowe didn't have the bigger bats or enjoy the shorter boundaries that Williamson does?
  5. Briony

    *Official* New Zealand in Australia 2019/20

    Maybe Afghanistan would have provided more interest this summer.
  6. Briony

    *Official* New Zealand in Australia 2019/20

    What a damp squib of a summer. Thanks NZ.
  7. Briony

    *Official* New Zealand in Australia 2019/20

    Good to see the last pair showing some resistance.
  8. Briony

    *Official* New Zealand in Australia 2019/20

    Will be interesting to see if Paine enforces the follow-in. Conditions are a bit draining, but will be much hotter the next two days.
  9. Briony

    *Official* New Zealand in Australia 2019/20

    We Victorians deserve better as a contest than the rubbish NZ has served up in the most iconic test on the calendar. Ian Chappell is right, the test rankings are nonsense. The SA discard is a very good bowler, but their attack is way below Australia's. Am surprised how meekly their bats have...
  10. Briony

    *Official* India Tour of Australia 2018/19

    It is the first time it's happened since 1888.
  11. Briony

    ***Official*** South Africa in New Zealand 2017

    SA's brittle batting strikes again. Elgar is unreliable, Amla's on the wane and Duminy and Bavuma appear undroppable despite repeated poor performances. Think Faf might have erred though by batting first in overcast conditions on a greenish pitch. NZ has outplayed them all test.
  12. Briony

    ***Official*** South Africa in New Zealand 2017

    Not super sure about that. There was one day to go and the kiwis still had to take four wickets. SA would have had a lead north of two hundred and sides were struggling to make more than 200 in a day during that test. Runs on the board are always a hurdle to overcome as psychological pressure...
  13. Briony

    ***Official*** South Africa in New Zealand 2017

    What about if AB and Steyn were in the equation?
  14. Briony

    ***Official*** Australia in India 2017

    Top order.
  15. Briony

    ***Official*** South Africa in New Zealand 2017

    SA's attack being exposed a bit without Steyn, Morkel, Abbott, Philander and Rabada.
  16. Briony

    *Official* Bangladesh in New Zealand 2016/2017

    Just when you think the Bangers have turned the corner, they collapse in a miserable heap. To be big improvers, they have to sustain a performance.
  17. Briony

    ***Official*** Pakistan in Australia 2016/17

    He is out of the whole test match.
  18. Briony

    6th Match - England v South Africa (18th March)

    SA can't seem to defend any total atm.
  19. Briony

    ***Official*** Australia in New Zealand 2016

    And Steyn was hamstrung too. Hussey got the world's easiest ever ton the first day of that test. Amla rolled his arm over.
  20. Briony

    Is Chris Gayle some sort of perverted misogynist or can everyone just settle down?

    Chris Gayle makes light of $10,000 fine on Instagram